People Are Taking The Piss Out Of The Boys’ Brawl On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

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On tonight’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise, the apparent “bro code” was shredded apart as a brawl broke out between Timm, Ciarran, and Matt. It was just deeply embarrassing for all involved.

Tensions were high following the Bula Banquet, as questions were levelled at Renee about her history with Ciarran and whether she got with Matt for revenge. Then Timm, of course, came and made everything worse, getting in Ciarran’s ear saying that Matt betrayed him.”There’s that many birds in the world, you don’t need to go for your mate’s missus. Sly rat,” he told Ciarran. Ugh. Can Timm just chill TF out?

Later Matt approached Timm, who continued to ramble about how Matt has got “no mates here.” As Matt questioned whether there was any truth to this, Ciarran stormed over and Glenn, Alex, and Jackson had to pull the fellas apart.

Things got even more heated as Ciarran got up in Matt’s grill, still banging on about the fact that Matt took Renee on a damn date. When Matt said he had already apologised for it, Ciarran yelled in his face, “Yes, you apologised but you still f*cking backpedaled!” This is err, a very weird hill to die on, Ciarran.

It’s important to remember that this fight came about because Matt invited Renee on a date without asking her ex, Ciarran, for permission first. The whole thing is basically a masterclass in toxic masculinity.

Viewers couldn’t help but take the piss out of the boys’ lame fight:

Honestly fellas, maybe you need to channel that pent-up frustration into a dream journal, or something.