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Ciarran’s Ex Gatecrashes The Villa In The Latest ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Promo

We are less than a week away from Bachelor In Paradise kicking off and there’s already drama on the menu between Ciarran Stott and Abbie Chatfield in the latest promo.

The two Bachy faves are getting along great in the villa until Brittany Hockley says to camera, “Ciarran has an ex-girlfriend and she is coming to Paradise,” and we’re shown a flash of a mystery woman walking in.

“You can see in Abbie’s face, she is losing her shit,” Mary Viturino jokes. In the words of Vanessa Sunshine, Abbie is… not thrilled. “She needs to stay away from my man,” Abbie warns. It’s at this point when everyone is freaking out about Ciarran’s ex, that Keira Maguire bursts into the promo. “Hello. Don’t you know who I am? I’m not just the queen, babes, I run this shit,” Keira announces. Umm, are we supposed to believe Keira is Ciarran’s ex?!

Nice try, BIP. But it’s heavily rumoured that 2019’s The Bachelor contestant Renee Barrett is Ciarran’s ex and the brief glimpse of the woman we see walking in looks a lot like her. Oh, and for some reason Litney is crying?! There’s a lot to digest and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out next week!

Check out the latest Bachelor In Paradise promo below:

Bachelor in Paradise premieres July 15 on Channel 10.