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Shannon Spills That Connor Ghosted Her After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

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Th current season of Bachelor In Paradise continues to leave a trail of broken hearts in its wake, as it’s been revealed that following their exit from paradise, Shannon Baff was ghosted by Bachy US contestant Connor Obrochta.

Shannon told The Courier Mail that as soon as the couple left the island, their romance was over. “A week-and-a-half [after the show] he went to LA and I heard nothing else,” Shannon said.

Shannon even said she was ready to uproot her life and relocate to the US.

“I was open to moving to the US but afterwards when we were planning to meet up in Hawaii I was the one organising everything and I didn’t feel like it was getting reciprocated,” she said.

“I was really invested. I was 100 percent in. And so I was pretty hurt watching [the] episode because I genuinely felt it with Connor.”

Earlier today Shannon posted her side of the story to Instagram:


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Here I go. I’m sorry I haven’t got back to everyone earlier. Myself and Connor are not together, we spent one day after Paradise together, outside the whirlwind environment. I got home, we continued to talk and planned to see each other again but after a week I felt as if the effort to make that happen was not reciprocated and the communication was becoming one sided. I struggled in Paradise because my feelings towards Connor were so genuine and real- with everything constantly changing it brought out a raging anxiety for me because I was so afraid of being hurt- it really is hard to tally whose genuine and not in that environment. I am so thankful for my experience and that I had the opportunity to meet Connor and feel what I felt. Thank you so much to everyone on here who has shown me love and support through this time, all of your kind words fill my heart and I truly appreciate you all so much. As for Shannon now, I brought myself a van called “Poppy”🚌 and I am currently travelling around Australia being the best version of myself, for myself. I am happier and more fulfilled than ever- my days are filled with everything that fuels my soul and makes me smile😊 Thank you so much @pictureandpoet for meeting me on this road trip and capturing me in my element! Nothing but love xx #vanlife

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The news doesn’t come as a massive surprise. Following the couple’s decision to leave paradise on Tuesday night’s episode neither posted anything on social media updating viewers on their current status, which seemed a bit weird.

During the series Shannon rarely posted anything about the American model on social media. Connor’s Instagram posts have not included a single reference to Shannon or even BIP… so things weren’t looking good.

Tune in tonight to watch the Bachelor In Paradise finale and reunion at 8:40pm to catch up on all the tea.