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The Best Tweets From Tonight’s Messy ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

It’s hard to believe Bachelor In Paradise is almost over. Soon we will be saying goodbye to some of our Bachy faves before a whole new bunch of Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants are introduced to Australia.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Tonight we watched as the couples decided if they wanted to stay together for tomorrow night’s commitment ceremony. This was American Alex and (American) Caroline’s cue to exit as the happy couple left us trashbag Aussies to return home.

The fact that no one else scooped up American Alex is the greatest mystery of our time.

Tonight’s Bachelor In Paradise retold in funny tweets:

Mack and Zoe shared a excruciatingly awkward kiss and we will never recover.

The couples have to decide whether to stay for the commitment ceremony. American Alex and Caroline decide to leave together and head back home.

As the couple’s friends and fam arrive, Davey buckles under pressure.

Tenille’s bestie grilled Nathan and reckons he’s a bit shifty.

Bill lied his way into winning Alex’s mum over.

We are left on a annoying cliffhanger as Alisha presents Jules with an ultimatum.

Ultimately nothing matters anymore because American Alex left the show.