‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Had Its First Ever Same-Sex Date Tonight & It’s About Bloody Time

Bachelor In Paradise made history tonight as Alex Nation took Brooke Blurton on a date. It was cute as hell. Like, I felt that.

With Alex getting a date card and picking Brooke, the two ladies made cocktails before snuggling up together. Alex told Brooke, “I really like you, you make me nervous,” and later the two shared a cheeky pash.

The moment was made just that little bit sweeter as we all remember being burned by this show last year. The promos had heavily insinuated that Megan Marx hooked up with Elora Murger, even showing a kiss in the ocean which turned out to be between Megan and long-haired Canadian contestant Thomas Perras. Ugh.

The whole clusterfuck was rightly condemned as ‘queerbait’ and many viewers were pissed off which, tbh, was 100% warranted.

Alex and Brooke cocktail-making is the first same-sex date and kiss that has ever aired on BIP – here and in the United States. It makes us feel pretty damn proud that Australia is leading the charge on queer representation within a deeply heteronormative television franchise like The Bachelor. Bloody oath.

Viewers are a big ball of love for Brooke and Alex:

Queer viewers are especially getting around this massive moment:

I only wish I could think of a better couple name than Bralex. I’ll keep working on it.