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Jamie Made Actual Angel Brittney Cry On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ & Viewers Are Out For Blood

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Bachelor In Paradise’s most unlikely couple — conga-line Brittney and stage-5 clinger Jamie — are over before they even began.

On tonight’s episode, Jamie seemingly dumped Brittney before they even got a chance to go on an actual date. Brittney stumbled over to Jamie with a bottle of champers and planned to whisk him away for a spontaneous chat, but when she invited him he straight-up shut her down. “I don’t know how I’m feeling. I just don’t want a repeat of what happened last year with old mate being a bit of a douchebag,” Jamie told Brittney. We can assume Jamie is referring to what happened with Ivan last year? But honestly, who knows. Jamie’s mind is a strange place.

At this point, Brittney said that there are no issues as long as he’s “honest and upfront,” and Jamie replied, “I feel like I’m just not vibing with, well anyone. I feel horrible saying that,” before Brittney interjected with a solemn, “That’s fine.”


Jamie did what he does best: overthinks everything. “It is difficult because I don’t see any romantic interest with Brittney. I think she’s amazing but I don’t want to see her heart get broken again,” Jamie said in a separate interview to camera.

He eventually told Brittney, “I feel like I’m not vibing on that level. Right now, I just feel a total friendship like mates kind of vibe.”

Brittney was visibly upset. “Well, my night has just turned to absolute, what a joke,” she said privately. “I really tried hard, I gave it my all, I was soft, I was sensitive, I was not being crazy, I was just being like, you know, normal and umm, and yeah he said that wasn’t good enough. So, it felt bad. I felt really sad actually,” Brittney said before getting teary-eyed.

“You didn’t even get to know me before you said you weren’t keen,” she said.

Viewers are furious with Jamie for making our angel Brittney cry:

Brittney went on to reveal her struggles dating IRL and girl, we hear you. She revealed, “I am looking for someone, that’s why I’m here for the third time. Like, I’ve tried this so many times. It’s not even about paradise, it’s just about love in general. I’ve never been past a first date in so long, like I don’t know what it feels like for someone to like me. It’s just sad because I feel like I could give so much.”

Brittney deserves the whole damn world and the right guy, who we have a sneaking suspicion is not Clingy McGee aka Jamie.