Jamie’s Back On His Bullshit In The Latest ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Teaser

“Everybody run! Girls, run!” Ciarran Stott shouts as Jamie Doran enters the Bachelor In Paradise villa in the latest teaser. It’s so funny, I actually spat my cup of tea over my laptop.

Following his err, memorable stint on Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette, Jamie is back and he’s ready to redeem himself. “People know me as the stage five clinger,” Jamie begins. “I’m here for my second chance to find love but I’ve never given a rose to somebody so to me, this is a big moment.”

The whole trailer is pretty juicy and includes Jamie chatting up Abbie Chatfield, (a combo I never wanted to imagine), but we also get a glimpse at a few more of our returning Bachys, which includes Mary Viturino, Helena Sauzier, Cassandra Mamone and (drum roll, please) Brittney Weldon. All aboard!! The conga line returns!!

Jamie struggles with who he should give his rose to out of the five women, playing mindgames with everyone and it honestly feels just like old times.

Check out the latest Bachelor In Paradise teaser below: