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Kiki Has Spoken Out About Her Split W/ Ciarran After Leaving ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Bachelor In Paradise’s rockiest romance has come to a crashing halt, with Ciarran and Kiki leaving paradise before the commitment ceremony.

Tonight’s action picked up from where it left off last week, with gossip over Ciarran’s bed-hopping still swirling around paradise. Frustrated over having to umm, face the consequence of his actions, Ciarran convinced Kiki to leave before the commitment ceremony and try dating IRL.

Could these crazy kids somehow make it work on the outside? Ugh, well Bachy fans were quickly given an update and ooft, it is grim:


Despite the fact that Ciarran told Kiki that he was “falling in love” with her in tonight’s episode, he broke up with her only a few weeks after they returned to Australia.

Following the scene, Kiki posted to her Instagram story to share her side of the story.

“So guys, I know that was a bit of a cliffhanger but Ciarran and I actually broke up about two months after we left paradise. He had moved in with me, we tried to make it work, obviously there are a lot of gory details that I’ll spare you of,” she said.

“When I’m allowed to fill you in on everything, I will hopefully give you guys more information.”

There’s clearly a lot Kiki isn’t saying, but we’re intrigued. Ciarran’s BIP journey involved going from one woman to another as soon as someone new came along (from Cass to Abbie to Jess then Kiki), so it’s no huge shock that he and Kiki didn’t go the distance.

Viewers felt bad for Kiki but weren’t overly surprised that she and Ciarran didn’t work out:

I’m hoping Kiki makes a comeback on the next season of BIP as that girl deserves to catch a break.