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Mary & Conor On Moving To Hobart & The Real Reason Behind Conor’s Sunburn

Conor and Mary was the love story none of us expected on this season of Bachelor In Paradise – mainly because we didn’t know who Conor was until a few short weeks ago.

Coming in as a ‘Cleanskin’ in episode three, Conor was joined by two other unknown men and was chosen to go on a blind date with Keira, before being thrown into a dramatic Bula Banquet. It was Mary who gave Conor the first rose, telling him not long after it wasn’t, in fact, a friendship rose and that she was interested in him. From there, their love story blossomed quietly in the background, with the two often spotted canoodling or playing chess, or sporadically dancing around the island.

mary-conor bachelor in paradise

In last night’s commitment ceremony, Conor and Mary exchanged rings, and left the island as one happy couple. With the show being filmed over nine months ago now, the two then uploaded a video showing they were still very much together and in love, with Mary moving to Tasmania a couple of months ago to live in Conor’s “Bachelor pad”. “We’re looking for a bigger place together now,” Conor assured us when we chatted to the happy couple earlier today.

Mary and her daughter moved to Hobart (from Melbourne) a couple of months ago, going through the self-isolation process, so they could all be together again. Mary had introduced Conor to her daughter during Christmas 2019, but didn’t let her know where they met. “I didn’t tell her I met him on the show, because she’s a huge gossip!” Mary laughed. “So it was only when the ads started that she realised.”

Mary and her daughter are settling into life in Tasmania, enjoying beach walks, soccer, and even snow. Mary was always someone on the show for genuine reasons, knowing that her decisions not only affected her own life, but her daughter’s too.

Meanwhile, Conor’s entrance into paradise caused quite a stir, as he went from an unknown Cleanskin to someone who won the hearts of Bachy fans across Australia.

“That first night was hard, there were so many strong personalities and I did wonder what I was doing. But after my first date with Mary, it was my favourite part – we managed to connect on a deeper level,” he said.

“I was so excited to finally get a date!” Mary said. “The worst part for me was that first week I thought I was going home. If Niranga hadn’t given me his rose, I would’ve been gone. And I felt so bad I couldn’t give him mine (later on) I had to give it to Conor, but Niranga now calls us Mum and Dad!”

Conor had applied to go on The Bachelorette in 2019, but the promos for the season has already started airing. Soon after he got the call to go to Fiji as an intruder, and now the name Cleanskin has fully stuck. But he also dropped this exclusive for us about his hectic sunburn when he arrived in paradise.

“It wasn’t actually a sunburn!” Conor laughed. “I got my chest waxed before going in, then got my first ever fake tan… then I was given a cream because I was reacting to it all. I hadn’t even been in Fiji long enough to get a sunburn!” he said.

Long live the King and Queen of Tassie!