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New ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Teaser Reveals MASSIVE Spoilers, Inc. Megan & Elora Hooking Up

Last night during the finale of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here, we didn’t just witness the ruthless robbery of another reality TV show title from Shannon Noll but a new Bachelor In Paradise teaser screened… and it’s the best one yet.

What’s really got us feeling the love is seeing one of our absolute faves Megan Marx in the new teaser. Megs rose to fame on Richie ‘Cool Bananas’ Strahan’s season, when she found love with fellow contestant Tiffany Scanlon.

While the couple has since broken up, Marx is trying her luck on BIP and the teaser shows her forming a blossoming relationship with 2017 bachy bae Elora Murger.

“She’s absolutely gorgeous. She’s definitely my type of girl,” a voice that sounds like Megan says in the promo, describing Elora.

Then we cut to a shot of the two (possibly) smooching in the ocean. It. Is. On.

It’s all pretty cute but does make us feel a lil sad for the hope we still held for Tiffany and Megan reuniting, aka Miffany. (I just made that up. Totally works.)

The teaser shows a fair chunk of what to expect from the series and we are damn excited.

Here’s all the info we’ve gathered from the new trailer:

  • Ex bachy Simone Ormesher will star in the series
  • Jarrod can be seen kissing Simone (wtf, what about Keira?!)
  • Jarrod gets his heart broken again (possibly by Ali)
  • Blokes from Bachelor In Paradise U.S are going to cameo, including hottie Grant Kemp
  • This includes villain Josh Murray, who made a name for himself in the American series being a notorious GF stealer and generally an aggressive knobhead

I don’t know about you, but every day this series gets closer, I am practically salivating. Bringeth this show into my life asap.

Bachelor In Paradise premieres on Channel Ten on 25 March.

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