Niranga Has Spoken Out About A ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Contestant’s Racist Comments

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While he didn’t get much of a storyline, Niranga Amarasinghe left a huge impression on fans during his stint on Bachelor In Paradise.

On last night’s episode he went on a date with Cass Mamone in hopes of getting a rose, but instead he was rejected and then sent home at the rose ceremony. Following the episode airing, Niranga posted a story on Instagram sending love to Brittney Weldon, as well as describing “nasty comments” he received from a contestant who claims they got a “bad edit.”

Niranga does not specify who he is talking about, but a couple of Bachelor In Paradise stars have complained about their edit on social media this week — so there’s a good chance it’s one of them.

Read Niranga’s post below:

bachelor in paradise niranga

The most concerning comments Niranga alleges is that, “There were so many more nasty comments to me and other people. One particular moment telling several people they wouldn’t take me back to the parents because of where I was from,” he wrote.

“Can’t pronounce my name and doesn’t even know where I’m from. I accept rejection, it’s life but this I don’t. Not once have they ever apologised. You know the one.”

Niranga was one of only two people of colour cast on this season of BIP, and a common criticism from fans of the show was that we saw very little of the 2019 Bachelorette contestant.

We have reached out to Channel 10 for comment regarding Niranga’s claims.