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We FINALLY Have A Premiere Date For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Gather your friends, your reluctant significant other, or your cat and get your live-tweeting fingers ready: we finally have a premiere date for the 2020 season of Bachelor In Paradise, with the season due to start on July 15. We can almost taste the mango daiquiris.

As we all know from suffering through the same pain, BIP was delayed from its usual April release due to scheduling issues related to this whole global pandemic thing that’s going on. So while the hot Fiji romances were kept under wraps, we had to make do by warming up next to a Hibachi grill and saying prayers around our Osher shrine in the hopes that we’d get to see all the filthy drama unleashed soon.

Bachelor In Paradise released the date this morning to eager fans with this video:

Bachelor In Paradise Premieres…

You wanna know when Bachelor In Paradise is coming back? ARE YOU SURE? Fine, we'll let Osher dish the deets. See you soon!

Posted by Bachelor In Paradise Australia on Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Thank our lord and saviour Osher Gunsberg.

Just 19 days to go people! We’ve never been more ready in our lives.