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New ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Promo Shows Tara In A Love Square W/ Three Bachy Boys

We are merely weeks away from welcoming Bachelor In Paradise into our lives and now we’ve been gifted with a new teaser featuring everyone’s fave bogan Tara.

We last saw Tara when her still-beating heart was ripped from her chest by Matty J – but in this latest teaser, Tara reckons it was all for the best.

“I’m a big believer in whatever was meant to be will be. Obviously that wasn’t meant to be.”

The promo suggests that she has ex bachy baes Jake, Micheal and Davey in her sights, making one helluva love square.

“Of course someone so attractive comes in and I’m just like ‘Urghhhh’,” says Tara, as she eyes up the three fellas. Speaking about one of them, she reveals, “There’s definitely a spark there when I hang out with him.”


Check out the teaser below:

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