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Renee Yeeting Ciarran’s Ring Into The Ocean Is The ‘BIP’ Love Story We Deserve

Tonight’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise proved to be unexpectedly emotional, with Renee deciding to finally let go of Ciarran and we were reminded that Alisha is still the best thing about this show.

Shit hit the fan after Ciarran pulled Renee aside for a chat, after their tumultuous past was discussed again during the lie detector task. In her villa suite with Alisha, Renee broke down in tears and admitted that she thought she and Ciarran would get back together in paradise “because he told me that.” As we know by now, before Renee arrived, Ciarran had already hooked up with Abbie and Jess while trying to also pursue Cass, so it’s obvious the guy was never going to wait for his ex.

“As women, we tend to hold a glimmer of hope that someone’s going to change and actions always speak louder than words,” Alisha said in her voxxie. “The fact that Ciarran thinks it is okay to play with people’s emotions, to manipulate people’s emotions, for air time? I’m glad that Renee has finally smarted up to the fact that Ciarran is an absolute load of shit and that she is putting herself first.”

Earlier in the episode, Alisha revealed that she had discovered Renee brought a ring to paradise which she got made for Ciarran, with hopes that they’d reunite. After both shedding tears, Renee and Alisha decided to throw the ring she brought for him into the sea to symbolise her moving on. They ran into the ocean, and Renee yeeted the $800 ring into the distance.

It was honestly one of the most moving moments I’ve ever witnessed on this show. Absolutely iconic. “I cannot tell you how liberated I feel right now,” Renee said afterward. “It’s amazing what something little can have over you and by getting rid of it, it’s so good. I can finally feel guilt-free about moving on with Matt, this is well and truly the end of Ciarran and I.”

Alisha and Renee celebrated like absolute queens: by downing a glass of champers and drunk dancing in their shower.

Bachelor In Paradise fans were here for this beautiful moment between Renee and Alisha:

We may as well just end the season now, as we have truly peaked.