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Let’s Be Real, This Season Of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Would Have Sucked Without Alisha

There’s no denying that this year’s season of Bachelor In Paradise has been a rocky ride, but the glue that has held this whole shitshow together has surprisingly been Alisha.

Who would have guessed that a past Bachy contestant previously labelled a ‘mean girl’ would go on to save the series? Before BIP kicked off, we only knew Alisha as the girl from the Honey Badger’s season who provided commentary but seemed to go along with whatever nasty ploy Cat and Romy had in mind.

We really didn’t get to know the girl but from what we’ve seen on BIP it turns out she’s an absolute legend.

As the season has gone on viewers have slowly been jumping on the Alisha bandwagon:

It was a slow build with Alisha. In the early days she paired up with Paddy before it got derailed when she got feisty with his mate. Their breakup was petty and messy and in turn very relatable.

Now as this year’s BIP nears its end, it’s difficult to imagine the series without Alisha. When she isn’t dealing with her own shit from boys, she gifts us all extremely entertaining and witty commentary. She’s the gift we didn’t know we needed.

We followed her as she fell for Jules only to have her heart broken after he decided to go after Tenille. There was something extremely vulnerable about Alisha during her breaking point. A lot of us have been in that exact situation, and we watched on feeling her pain.

As she asked Jules “What is it that Tenille has?” and gave tearful interviews, it was a feeling that was all too familiar. By comparing herself to another woman she shared how this left her questioning her own self-worth, which is both devastating and extremely relatable. Amen.

Not going to lie, when Alisha spoke about Jules affecting her confidence I shed more than a few tears.

Later she responded to Jules dumping her with some bogus ‘I elect to no longer pursue you’ line by  switching right into bad bitch mode. With a savage ‘Bye Jules!’ she left their breakup behind and went after Wes. It was the single most empowering moment of the season. We bow down.

Add to this that her friendship and support of the other women has never faltered, she’s coached both Alex and Tenille as they both gone through some real shit with Bill and Ivan.

Never forget that while most of the BIP guys have acted like a steaming pile of trash this season, the ladies have truly made us all proud, lifting each other up.

Whether Alisha and Jules work out on the outside, we have fallen head-over-heels for her.