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LMAO: The Funniest Tweets From Tonight’s ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

What do we want? More Bachelor In Paradise drama! When do we want it? Approx 7:30pm almost every damn day this week. Honestly, I’m exhausted and we still have tomorrow night’s trashfire to come.

Tonight was all about intruders, as three familiar (and not so familiar) faces rocked up to paradise. First we welcomed Jackson (aka pie-man), then Matt (aka BMX Bachy) and finally ummm, someone who calls themselves Scot. With the women having the power for the next rose ceremony, they have a buffet of boys to choose from and I’m seriously worried about BIP’s unofficial king, Niranga. After being savagely rejected by Cass, our boi is in trouble.

Until then, we are praying for Niranga and reading all these damn good tweets.

Tonight’s Bachelor In Paradise retold in funny tweets:

We have a new intruder in pie-man Jackson and both Cass and Brittney are craving a slice.

Brittney pulls Jackson for a chat, which means Jamie starts to panic and tries to set up Cass and Jackson.

Renee’s crush Matt arrives and Ciarran starts babbling about the bro code to everyone who will listen.

Matt and Renee’s date is super cute with sparks flying. Our girl deserves it.

Osher stirs the pot, declaring the Bula Banquet’s theme tonight is bro code vs. girl code. Ciarran is pissed and most of the others come to Renee’s defence.

Jamie is quizzed over his relationship with Brittney, and she makes it clear they are just friends.

Brittney and Cass are both pursuing pie-man Jackson. Meanwhile, Jamie has decided the right girl for him is…err, Megan Marx…who is not even in paradise.

Some bloke named Scot walks into paradise. Ummm, whomst?

Cass rejects Niranga so he asks Brittney on a date, but she has a meltdown and doesn’t want to go. We are feeling for our king who seems likely to go home next.