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The Funniest Tweets From Tonight’s Loose AF ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

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Is it just me or does this week’s Bachelor In Paradise feel like it’s gone for simply too long? Don’t get me wrong, I live for messy Bachy drama but sometimes you want the chance to miss something when it’s not on.

We have been smothered by episodes this week and I need a damn break. But alas, we have another episode Sunday night, although at least it looks like it will bring some genuine drama. On tonight’s episode, Brittney’s “meltdown” we were promised in the promos was resolved in about two minutes, as Niranga decided to take Cass on the date instead.

Most of the episode was focused on Brittney and Cass fighting over Jackson (yes, the pie-man?!) and it got pretty tense at the rose ceremony as the two ladies argued over who would be giving him their rose. Ladies! Please! If you’re going to argue over a guy on this show AT LEAST fight over Glenn. Oh, my sweet baby Glenn.

While tonight’s proceeding were a big snooze, these funny tweets will jolt you awake.

Tonight’s Bachelor In Paradise retold via its funniest tweets:

Brittney does not want to go on a date with Niranga, so he decides to take Cass instead.

Cass and Niranga’s date is super tense and awkward, as he has another crack at forging a romantic connection. She shuts him down and then he gets all bitter and petty.

Timm returns to paradise and immediately grills Matt over what happened with Renee.

Conor takes Mary on a wholesome salsa dancing date. They are adorable together and deserve the world. Meanwhile, Ciarran and Kiki are sharing their hopes and dreams — LOL PSYCH — he’s massaging her butt with oil.

Glenn takes Alisha on a body-painting date and isn’t shy about his feeling for her. The world needs more Glenns.

Osher drops in to announce a rose ceremony. Cass and Brittney are battling for pie-man Jackson but he can’t decide who he prefers because they’re so different. Cass grills Brittney over who she will pick and they get into a heated war of words.

At the rose ceremony, Gilly (who?), Niranga and Jamie are sent packing.

Jamie gives a farewell speech dedicated to err, Helena.