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YIKES: Tonight’s Truly Wild ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Retold In Hilarious Tweets

I need a long nap after witnessing that truly ridiculous argument among the boys, all over whether you’re allowed to date your mate’s ex. Seriously, exes aren’t property and we all need to do better.

Tbh, it’s hard to take anyone seriously while they’re wearing a short-sleeved shirt, but tonight Timm and Ciarran teamed up to take on Matt after another dramatic Bula Banquet stirred up even more drama. At one stage it felt like everyone was fighting, even Alisha and Kiki were feuding. Absolutely wild times.

Earlier in the episode, a new couple was on the verge of splitting, as Alex revealed he’s just not that into Keira and might have eyes for new intruder, umm Kelly? Kaela? Hmmm. KEELY! That’s it. Thankfully, the only couple we care about — Alisha and Greg — keep going from strength to strength.

Thank the lord for Greglisha, or I couldn’t make it through this shitshow. Roll the tweets!

Tonight’s wild Bachelor In Paradise retold in funny tweets:

Emotions are on high, as Brittney is reeling from Cass picking Jackson at the rose ceremony.

The following day, Cass pulls Brittney aside but doesn’t actually apologise for lying to her about who was getting her rose.

A new girl arrives in paradise: Keely? Umm, I don’t know her.

Alex and Keira are on the rocks, as he complains to the boys that he’s finding her a bit full-on. He tries to break up with her but she won’t let him.

Cass gets a date card, chooses Jackson, and they go snorkelling together.

At the Bula Banquet, Jackson is asked who he prefers and while he says he’s still on the fence, he reckons that he’d give his rose to Cass.

Keira submits questions to grill Alex over their relationship status. When asked who he would take on a date, he replied Keely and Keira stormed away from dinner.

Renee is asked whether she just got with Matt to get back at Ciarran, then an argument breaks out between Alisha and Kiki/Ciarran over the fact Ciarran slept with Jess but hasn’t told Kiki.

As Timm gets Ciarran all riled up, a fight breaks out between all the boys and security has to be brought in to break it up.

Finally, Ciarran tells Kiki he slept with Jess before she arrived and she does not take it well.