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The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Finale Retold In Hilarious Tweets

It’s all over. After weeks of tuning into Bachelor In Paradise (sometimes four times a week! A social life? Never heard of her!) tonight saw the final three couple exchange vows at the commitment ceremony.

To the shock of absolutely no one, Ciarran and Kiki did not make it to the final stage. They both elected to leave paradise to try dating on the outside, which we found out only lasted a few weeks before Ciarran ended it. The list of Ciarran’s scorned exes just keeps growing and it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

On a happier note, the final three couples — Renee and Matt, Mary and Conor, and Alisha and Glenn — all got their happy endings and honestly, when this show is good, it makes me feel so many emotions. Like, Glenn’s speech to Alisha made me audibly weep! I need help! Thankfully, we have a Bachy break to regroup *checks notes * err, as The Bachelor kicks off…on Wednesday. Brilliant.

Please say a prayer for Punkee’s recappers and let’s relive the finale via funny tweets!

Tonight’s Bachelor In Paradise finale retold in hilarious tweets:

Kiki grills Ciarran on his lies and he has some alarming responses, revealing that he doesn’t consider other people’s feelings. Big yikes.

Ciarran gets into a heated discussion with the boys and then Matt quizzes him over the night he spent with Renee.

Meanwhile, the girls try to help Kiki see that Ciarran can’t be trusted.

In the end, Kiki and Ciarran decide to leave paradise. We learn that he dumped her a few weeks after they returned and she hasn’t heard from him since.

Renee tells Matt that he’s made her realise what she deserves in a relationship, they both say they’re falling in love with each other and exchange commitment rings.

Mary got the happy ending she deserved, as she and Conor exchanged commitment rings too.

In an emotion-charged commitment ceremony, Glenn tells Alisha that he’s loved her from when he first met her and I’M NOT CRYING, YOU ARE.

This was the fairytale ending that 2020 desperately needed.