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Tonight’s ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Premiere Retold In Hilarious Tweets

Bula, bitches! Bachelor In Paradise is back in a big way and this season actually looks like it will bring some genuine drama. Thank god, 2020 needed this.

The premiere reunited all our faves — including Timm, Abbie, Ciarran and Brittany — but most importantly, we saw the return of BIP’s absolute GOAT Litney, who is still shitting bricks at the sight of any birds. Birds? In the sky? In this economy?

Most of tonight’s action surrounded Ciarran and all the women going absolutely wild for him. Abbie did not come to play and straight away went for the handsome Brit, and while he had his sights initially on Cassandra, he ended up in Abbie’s bed. Escándalo!

This is going to be a disaster and I’ll eat up every second of it. Let’s jump into tonight’s best tweets!

Tonight’s Bachelor In Paradise premiere retold in hilarious tweets:

We’re back baby and it FEELS GOOD.

Timm is the first in the villa and just stumbles around like a confused puppy dog.

Then we see the grand return of Abbie and she is a woman on a mission for Ciarran’s heart.

Helena, Brittany, Janey, Niranga, Jake, Mary and (more importantly) Litney all arrive. Also a man named Glenn walks in….umm who?

Finally Ciarran arrives and he’s (unsurprisingly) nude, with only a bunch of grapes to cover his manly bits. I ain’t mad about it.

Jamie bursts into the villa, claiming that he’s back to redeem himself and be “not so intense, not so possessive.” Yeah, sure buddy.

Osher arrives and gives Timm a double date card and he chooses Brittney and Brittany. Their date is cute but more sparks were flying between Timm and Brittany. Poor Brittney.

Over with the rest of the gang, they play a game where everyone submit questions for the Bula Banquet. This leads to the topic of Ciarran’s ex and fellow Bachy contestant Renee showing up in paradise and Ciarran gets all defensive before admitting he cheated on her.

Mary and Helena are fighting over Glenn…again, who?

Abbie is absolutely obsessed with Ciarran but he whisks Cass away for a private chat. However, Abbie later reclaims her man and he ends up in her bed.