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Bachelor In Paradise’s Leah Has Deleted Instagram After All The Lies & Hoopla

Well, that was fast. Just days after Bachelor In Paradise’s Leah Costa convinced the media she was engaged to some famous dude before yelling ‘GOTCHA!’ into the wind, the reality star has now deleted her Instagram account.

The move follows Leah posting a long and cryptic message to her ‘gram last week, hinting that her engagement was all a massive mindfuck, and that we shouldn’t believe all the ‘fake news’…that err, she was selling us.

If you try to visit Leah’s Instagram right now, you’ll be greeted with this:

We don’t really know what to think from here. Is Leah’s mission to save us all from the manipulative media now complete?!

Does that include the person who is typing this article?!

Is she living in the walls?!??!!!!!

If her most recent interview is anything to go by, it sounds like Leah – two reality TV shows later – now just wants her privacy.

“It got the discussion started, which is what I wanted,” she told Kyle and Jackie O.

“This is the part of the deleting Instagram, I just want some privacy and to give it some space … I’ve got kind of a witch hunt happening.”

I guess this is the last we’ll hear from Leah? We fucking doubt it, tbh.