The Inspired Unemployed Impractical Jokers Falcon Jack Steele Channel 10 Paramount

The Inspired Unemployed Were Asked To Be On ‘The Bachelor’ And I WISH

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Jack Steele and Matt Ford have been delighting viewers with their new show The Inspired Unemployed (Impractical) Jokers on Channel 10, but there was actually another reality TV show the pair were tipped to be on. 

The charismatic duo were approached to be on reality TV multiple times, with the main one being Punkee’s absolute fave franchise: The Bachelor

The Bachelor asked us to go on it as a two-way. Which I dunno how that would’ve worked,” Jack told me. “Imagine your family watching that at home, I could never.”

The Inspired Unemployed Impractical Jokers Falcon Jack Steele Channel 10 Paramount

Liam Moore, Jack Steele, Matt Ford and Dom Littrich. Image credit: Channel 10, The Inspired Unemployed

Matt, better known as Falcon, said that the idea of being the romantic leads sounded “so cringe”. He also wanted to make it clear that while they’ve been asked to be on reality TV shows, they have “never applied”. 

This was news to their co-stars Liam Moore and Dom Littrich, who were keen to see their mates embarrass themselves on a reality show. In a strange twist, Dom admitted that he’s also been chased by reality TV producers in the past. Apparently, he was asked to be on Farmer Wants A Wife… but he’s not a farmer. That’s the ~real~ in reality TV for you. 

The Inspired Unemployed discuss going on The Bachelor

So, what would their taglines be if they made it onto the show? 

I reckon Falcon’s would be something like, “This January, a funny guy will finish first”, and Jack’s would be, “He’s gonna commit the perfect crime… stealing hearts”.

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When I asked the boys to come up with their own Bachy taglines, there were quite a few gems floated. Apparently, Falcon could be described as “the bad boy”, “the love bomber” or, controversially, “the predator”. I’m not 100% sure why those were the first words to come to mind. 

In the end, they settled on the perf tagline: “He puts the cheek in cheeky”. Double entendre, a lil joke, and paired with Falcon poking his tongue out? No notes. 

Channel 10, when you pop Falcon and Jack on The Bachelor, feel free to use it. You’re welcome.

Image credits: Channel 10, The Inspired Unemployed