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Bachy God Apollo Is Dating Love Island’s Mac So I Guess Our Wedding Is Cancelled

Just when The Bachelorette and Love Island were off season, two of its stars have begun dating right under our noses. Bachy hunk and magic man Apollo Jackson and Edyn ‘Mac’ Mackney appear to be an item.

I didn’t realise Apollo was seeing someone else, so I guess our wedding is cancelled. Rude.

The couple posted a cute snap on Mac’s Instagram and Mac captioned the post:

“Everyday is Magical with you @apollojacksonofficial. May have gone on the wrong show but I found you and Delicious Vegan milkshakes eventually.”

What would Teddy and Simone say?!? Tbh, they actually make an adorbs couple.

Some of Mac’s Love Island mates have since commented on the post sending their love.

Both have appeared on each other’s Instagram stories so we can safely say there is some kind of relationship happening. However, neither Apollo or Mac have officially said anything else yet.

(Apollo: you have my mob number, ball’s in your court.)