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BACHY BULLIES: Twitter Is Pissed As Hell At ‘The Bachelor’ Mean Girls & It Is Not On

Tonight’s ep of The Bachelor was dominated by the ‘mean girls’ of the series, a group of women that have taken on the roles of the house bullies.

It was painful to watch, as contestants Jennifer and Leah specifically targeted Elora and Simone, ridiculing the girls and picking on them in front of everyone, with Leah even making jabs regarding Simone’s weight. It’s gross stuff.

We’ve seen ‘mean girls’ dynamics on the show before but never at this level where women are actively targeting each other. As a viewer, it sucks to watch.

Along with Jennifer and Leah, Sian seemed to round out the three strong bully brigade, the kind of girls that clearly peaked in high school, and spend their adulthood trolling Instagram feeds reliving their former glory.

The comparisons were swift and obvious from the outset. From Mean Girls to Scream Queens, we’ve all seen this type of behavior and Twitter is NOT OKAY with it.

Personally I love seeing women stick together, but luckily karma came for the mean girls in the episode in the form of a cringe-worthy photoshoot.

First up Florence and Jess Jennifer were chosen to pair up for the poolside photoshoot. Florence was dressed in a cute bathing suit lookin’ v Pamela Anderson circa 1990s, let’s just say Jennifer didn’t look quite as glamorous.

bachelor australia

Perfect hair, perfect hair, so much perfect hair.

This is what Jennifer had to wear. Oh gawd, it was too good.

bachelor australia

‘My name’s Jennifer and I’m definitely not a condom dressed as a clown-faced poodle.’

But Jen would not settle for being a background player in the photo. In a bizarre act of defiance, she took off her life-saver shirt and jumped in THE POOL. The pool she was already in.

What a maverick.

bachelor australia

‘It’s my time to shineeee.’

No one knew what she was doing and Matty’s face said it all.

bachelor australia

‘Wtf she doin eyyy?’

Then she dived into the pool.

bachelor australia


We never saw her again (jks, yeah we do).

Jen impressed… herself. The rest of the girls thought she just made herself look like the baddie, plus a bit of a confused knob-head in the process.

Next on the karma-train to justice, Leah was presented with a custard pie straight to the face as she lunged at Matty during their photoshoot, attempting to kiss our bachy. But of course, in front of all the other women.

bachelor australia

‘Kiss meee my pretty…’

He shut it down real quick. Rightly saying, “it would be a bit inappropriate in front of the girls”. It was okay for Richie, but what evs.

After all the drama, and that awks AF kiss rejection, in the end of course Leah still received a rose, cos duh. Drama.

Looks like Jennifer and Leah are sticking around, so hopefully Matty gets to see what the viewers are seeing. Or maybe the two of them will see the error of their ways and you know, act like human beings and be nice to each other.

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