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Bachy’s Jarrod Is Officially Sophie’s Biggest Fan & Twitter Can’t Handle The Cringe-Factor

Despite the usual Bachy jocks getting social media’s big fat thumbs-down in their quest to win over Sophie Monk’s heart, wine-maker Jarrod is turning us off for a whole other reason. The dude is borderline obsessed with our Soph and Ten are turning up the dial to boost his creep-factor.

With every passing episode, Jarrod is getting so damn possessive of her. Jeeez, they’ve only been on one date. It’s fair to say viewers aren’t into Jarrod and his cringey behaviour.

Tbh, we know the edits this dudes getting aren’t great. The guy is prob just super keen on Sophie (who wouldn’t be, what a woman) but is exceedingly coming on waaaay too strong. Pump the breaks a bit, champ.

The cringey stuff kicked off in the ‘Man Challenge’, which is a thing apparently.

‘Show me that testosterone! We’re starting with a stool sample.’

It got very intense when the manly men had to change a manly tire, in a manly competition pinning man against man.

Jared was into it.

‘Turn, turn, turn! Sophie, Sophie, Sophie! Love me, love me, love me!’

But he’s team lost badly, as the shawty team celebrated being short.

‘Go shawties, it’s our birthday!’

Did this stop Jarrod from proving his manliness to Soph? Nup.

‘W0t u doin m8…?’

In some excruciating few minutes of television, Jarrod felt compelled to finish the job. Every one watched on, unsure what to do and when he would stop.

‘Soooo….. yeahhhh…..’

Despite Jarrod’s unnecessary efforts – his team still lost, because well, they had already lost. And he’s needless display of masculinity was not helpful nor appreciated.

Next up at the cocktail party, viewers got ready for a round of our new fave party game:


‘Hey, where’s Sophie?’

“Ummm… so where is Sophie???’

‘She’s hiding from me again, that’s so cute. I love it when she does that. Where’s Sophie???’


Just when we thought Jarrod was done for the night, he tracked down our gal, and went off to fetch her a surprise.

‘Does he have another ‘Poison’ single for me to sign, or…?’

Then Jarrod presents Sophie with their ‘love plant’.


‘Will you be my plant baby mamma???’

‘Oh, I mean… I barely know you…’

‘But yeah sure, why not.’

‘As our plant matures, our love will grow and sprout inside you, entering your heart, mind and every inner orifice… as we become one.’

‘Oh good. Good.’

‘Halp me Osher….’

All in all, he acted like a big ol’ weirdo. It was hard to tell whether Sophie was sold on the whole idea, she tried to lighten the mood and Jarrod kept being all intense.

It must not have been a major turn-off as Jarrod scored a rose nonetheless.

With the second final ‘who is that guy?’ dude being sent home (Brett, you’re next sozzi). Buh-bye Bingham. Bingham? Your name is just nuts, almost as crazy as your fave sloth necklace.

Sorry, you didn’t live as long as Sophie and Jarrod’s love plant…

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