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Bachy’s Osher Gunsberg Spills On The Bizarre AF Experience Of Playing Himself On ‘Offspring’

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On last night’s ep of Offspring, viewers may have noticed a familiar face in one of Nina’s infamous dream sequences. None other than bachy puppet-master Osher Gunsberg made his triumphant return to our telly boxes for 2017.

However, this time it was the Offspring producers pulling the strings as Osher made a cameo in the series, stepping back into his role as The Bachelor host. In the scene, Osher attempts to give Nina a.k.a Asher Keddie a rose and has said he found the filming to be a weird AF experience.

“The hardest part was not losing my s*** when I’m standing there on camera, on a packed drama set, and they’ve just called ‘action’ and I’m acting next to Asher Keddie,” Gunsberg told News.com.au.

“I got totally starstruck.”

The host was overwhelmed by the cameo, we know what you need you beautiful man…

Osher went on to spill on how it felt being onset in the house of a Proudman.

“It was super, super strange standing in the kitchen, in Nina’s house,” he said.

“On the fridge there were bills made out to Nina, and a photo of her husband who died. It was just this completely strange, trippy, experience.”

Yeah, cos ol’ Osh wouldn’t be familiar with being among lavish, artificial production sets, right…?