Season 2 Beauty And The Geek Episode One ReCap Sophie Monk

The Premiere Of ‘Beauty And The Geek’ Recapped Via The Best Tweets

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The new season of Beauty and the Geek premiered last night and it was so extremely heartwarming that it made us all feel lovey-dovey by the end of it!

The revamped version, hosted by Australian Icon Sophie Monk, allows for the beauties and geeks to indulge in a journey of self-discovery and possible romance. One of the more iconic moments of the show is ‘transformation week’, where the geeks go through a massive makeover to help them with their newfound confidence. But overall, the journey of watching two ‘unlikely’ people growing together is great.

Last night’s episode reeled us in with an introduction of the Season 2 cast, where we meet a bunch of characters that’ll keep us entertained for the weeks to come. And as an absolute plus,  we also got to see the comedic stylings of Sophie Monk throughout the show and even a low-key Bardot revival!

Let’s dive into it and recap Episode 1 of Beauty and The Geek via the best tweets.

The geeks were individually interrogated by Sophie Monk. We get to learn about what makes them ‘geeky’ and all the awesome things they do outside of BATG. The beauties were watching this interaction via a hidden camera, of course.

Some of the geeks we meet include Harry Potter fanatic, Anthony.

Plus Aaron, a romance and train enthusiast. He also is known for his nasal spray tendencies.

Then we were treated to a mini Bardot revival, with the ‘shyest geek ‘in the comp, Jason, playing the saxophone for Sophie:

The beauties were then taken to an obstacle course where they had to carry a 20kg dummy that represented baggage from past relationships. The geeks were also there for some encouragement.

After all the beauties completed their obstacle course, Sophie announced the first date of the season. Any geek who was brave enough to step up could take any beauty out. Anthony, the Harry Potter fanatic chose pro dancer Tegan.

The beauties and geeks then all paired off to bond with their roommates, as well as get ready for a retro pool party/mixer.

During the geeks’ interrogation process, Karly took an interest in Aaron and attempted to go to his room to meet him.

Once she got into his room, she asked for tour and wrapped her hand around his train?? (LITERALLY A TRAIN)

The geeks then all met up with Anthony prior to his date, to hype him up and help with anything he needs, which was fkn adorkable.

Finally, it was date time. Tegan and Anthony went on a segway ride where Anthony then surprised Tegan with a magical picnic. He then got extremely candid about his obsession with Harry Potter and his past.

As the date closed, Anthony confesses that he hasn’t had his first kiss and wishes not to do one right now as he isn’t ready. Tegan agreed and we love how this was handled!

Moving on to the mixer, a super adorable love story began to unfold between Michael, a kids’ party entertainer, and Tara, a law student with a secret…

Tara then revealed she’s a professional mermaid!!!

And of course, Sophie was watching everyone’s vibe to make sure she makes the right choices when she pairs up the contestants.

We get to the ‘pairing ceremony’ where Sophie paired off the beauties and the geeks based on their compatibility during the pool party.

The pairings went as follows:

Tara and Michael 


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Karly And Aaron


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Emily and Jayden

Angelique and Sam


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Tegan and Anthony


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Daniella and Mike


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Aimee and Alexander


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Bri And Christopher


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Heidi and Nate


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Sophie and Jason


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And although there’s only been one episode, fans have already expressed how Beauty And The Geek has tugged at their heartstrings.

The next episode is set to be jam packed with action, anger, and romance! So get your popcorn ready for tonight’s Beauty and the Geek. 

Beauty and the Geek is on Sunday to Wednesday on Channel 9 and 9Now.