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The Beauty & Fashion Trends We All Wore In 2009 That’ll Make You Fully Body Cringe

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Fashion trends might come and go but photographic evidence lasts forever.

With everyone currently posting throwbacks to ten years ago, it made us really think about what we looked like in 2009 — from what we wore, how we cut/styled our hair and how we did our makeup.

After a quick search through the internet, I started having disturbing flashbacks. Harem pants. Sailor tops. Half-shaven heads. Bubble skirts. The horror.

It’s no surprise that it turns out ten years ago we all looked like a complete mess.

Here were some of the biggest trends in 2009!


An outfit was incomplete without a pop of neon and Supré had every colour imaginable.

Via eBay

Harem pants

Worst phase ever. This trend needs to die for good and never ever get resurrected.

Thin AF eyebrows

While today is all about big brows, 2009 was all about heavily sculpted thin eyebrows… think Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body.

Gladiator sandals

Please make it stop.

Via Aldo

A sharp bob

I’m not even that mad that we all wanted to look like Rihanna and Victoria Beckham.

Via Pinterest

Sailor-themed everything

For some reason wearing a sailor striped top paired with jeans was the definition of glam?!

Via Pinterest

Military jackets

When we weren’t sailors, we were soldiers.

Via Pinterest

Bubble skirts

From bubble skirts to bubble dresses, I still don’t get the appeal of making our lower half look like an upside down mushroom.

Via Tradesy

Shaving one side of your head

Giving one side of your head an undercut seemed like a really great idea. It only took a decade to grow back.

Via Pinterest


Why did we do this to ourselves?

Big-as-shit necklaces

These bib necklaces are still ugly and weigh a ton.

Via Miss Selfridge

Ballet flats

Despite the word ‘flats’ in the title, these were not comfortable at all.

Via Amazon

The Snuggie

Okay, no one actually left the house wearing one these, no matter what they did in the bonkers commercial.

That ain’t it, chief.