Beauty Routine: 2020 Is The Perfect Time To Reinvent Your Style

Here’s Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Reinvent Your Beauty Routine

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You’ve probably heard that you should never get a haircut before a big event. And it’s true! Rolling the dice with your appearance right before a high stakes social outing can be a recipe for disaster.

The best time to experiment with your beauty routine and hair style is when it doesn’t matter that much how it turns out – like, say, right now.

The silver lining of not having a busy social life is that it’s a unique opportunity to reinvent your look: test new products, try new looks, and right the beauty wrongs you’ve done to yourself in the past. With a fat load of nothing on the social calendar, you can really have fun shaking things up.

So how exactly should you be using your time indoors for the beauty better? We’ve got a few ideas.

You Can Experiment

Have you always wondered what you’d look like with pink hair? Or bleached brows? Now’s the time to find out. Have fun, play around, and see what works for you. And if it looks terrible? Doesn’t matter!

Or for a risk-free alternative, this is also a great time to try out some new products. In the busy Before Times, it was easy to just go on beauty autopilot and stick with what you knew. Now, we’ve got the time to try new things.

You could test a homemade oatmeal face mask, but who says masks are only for your face? Give your legs the attention they deserve with the new Nair Charcoal Leg Mask. Made with 100 percent natural clay and charcoal, the mask gently removes hair and stubble while minimising hair regrowth, leaving you with soft and smooth legs. Three birds, one revolutionary new stone.

Nair Charcoal Leg Mask

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You Can Let Your Skin Heal

Now that you don’t have any reason to slop on a bunch of foundation every morning, you can really let your skin detox and do its natural thing. Because no clogged pores = happier face.

As well as leaving the makeup alone, try scaling your skincare routine back to the basics: a gentle cleanser, retinol, moisturiser, and sunscreen. You might find it actually looks better this way – ‘cause when it comes to skincare, less is usually more.

Beauty Routine: 2020 Is The Perfect Time To Reinvent Your Style

Image: Kim Carpenter / Unsplash

You Can Discover The Joys Of Home Salon Life

Yes, the salon is great. But you know what the salon doesn’t have? Your couch and a TV playing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

This is the time to really discover the joys of DIY beauty. Order some takeaway, pour yourself a glass of red, put your feet up, and show your legs some TLC. The Nair Sensitive Wax Strips are easy to use and have been specifically formulated for people with sensitive skin. They’ll leave your legs soft, smooth, and nourished for up to four weeks – at which point it’s a piece of cake to organise your next at-home salon appointment.

And, again, you can watch Real Housewives while you’re at it.

Nair Sensitive Wax Strips

Image courtesy of Nair

You Can Play The Long Game

Some makeovers involve being willing to really ride out an awkward adjustment period, but the results can be so worth it.

If your hair is of the not-straight variety, this is also a great time for you to try out the curly girl method. It involves removing the harsh chemicals from your hair routine that dry it out and cause frizz, so you can eventually enjoy the big, bouncy curls you deserve. But it’s a slow transition process – expect to be waiting a good few months before your curls are looking their best.

Beauty Routine: 2020 Is The Perfect Time To Reinvent Your Style

Image: Thought Catalog / Unsplash

… And Grow It All Out

So, you cut yourself a full fringe in 2008 and have been stuck with it ever since. I understand.

The good news is that now is the perfect time to go through the transitions that feel a little too difficult when there are other people around to witness them. Step away from the scissors and grow that fringe out. Let your brows return to their natural state so you can finally get them reshaped. Regrow your eyelashes after extensions have left them all sad and stubbly.

This is your moment, baby.

Enjoy professional-style pampering at home. Nair’s Charcoal Leg Mask and Sensitive Wax Strips are in stores now.

(Lead image: Kevin Laminto / Unsplash)