Bec Hewitt wedding poem

It’s Time To Talk About Bec Hewitt’s Iconic Wedding Poem For Lleyton

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The mid-’00s saw the rise of Australia’s golden couple: Lleyton Hewitt and Bec Cartwright.

The pair captured the attention of the nation in an almost ridiculous way after a whirlwind romance. They graced the cover of nearly every magazine imaginable. After six weeks of dating they were engaged, and later announced they were expecting their first baby soon after.

The wedding was a closely watched affair with magazine New Idea winning out the bidding rights when it came to covering the exclusive event. They were basically the Harry and Meghan of our time.

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But the real point of all of this was that during their wedding, Bec read out a poem she wrote for Lleyton. And it’s time we finally address it because it was a MOMENT in Australian pop culture history. Oh man, it was really something.

Let’s relive Bec Hewitt’s poem right here, right now:

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She didn’t really know where to start but she was nailing it from the get-go.

“I really don’t know where to start
but I definitely know you’ve captured my heart,
It started that night you called me up,
to see if I’d play in the Starlight Cup

Way back then, little did we know,
That our love for one another could grow and grow,
A text message or two is what kept us in touch
And I want you to know that I love you so much

She credits their reconnection in late 2004 as a turning point, with some strong rhymes of course. Where did they go up the street, for something to eat? The suspense is killing me.

It wasn’t’ til late in 2004
That I received another phone call
When we decided to meet,
we went up the street for something to eat,

From that day on I’ve been by your side
And look at me now,
I am here as your bride!
I used to wish upon a star
that I’d meet the perfect husband
– and here you are!

We kinda start to lose the way here, but honestly, rhyming is hard after a while. That’s a direct quote from Emily Dickinson.

You’re an inspiration to so many including me,
Anyone who’s ever met you can count
themselves lucky,

Fact: If you take a shot of water every time “dream” is mentioned, you’ll stay well-hydrated for the remainder of the day.

I’m so lucky I’ve found the one,
Being with you I have nothing but fun,
You are my best friend and my dream come true
And I’m so glad to be sharing all this with you

This is only the start of our dream together,
But I promise to love you until forever
I can’t wait to start my life with you,
Just being together, our dreams will come true

Just before we start to get snoozy, she spices it up throwing in a reference to the time they bonked and conceived their firstborn.

I have no doubt I’m glad to be your wife,
And being with me is now a part of your life
I admire you for so many reasons,
I mean look at what happened at the Four Seasons!

“Having a family with you makes me glad, I will never get sad”, Yeats is literally shaking rn.

We’re about to experience the miracle of life,
but always remember I’m so proud to be your wife,
Having a family with you makes me so glad,
I know I’ll never get sad,

We’re heading into dangerous Stepford Wife territory here, but this is what happens when a poem that should have never been more than three verses goes over.

Thanks so much for choosing me,
By sticking together we’ll make a great family
Engaged and then married and now one on the way,
I’ll take such good care of you every day,

But hey, she’s not wrong!

It’s safe to say I’ll love you more and more
And marrying you today, I couldn’t be more sure.
Rebecca Hewitt! I’m your wife!
I promise you one thing, stick with me and you’ll have a bloody good life!”

Honestly, this was such a simpler time, bring back Lleyton and Bec Hewitt for their own reality spin-off or something.