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6 Reddit Theories That Explain The Bonkers Twist Ending In Netflix Thriller ‘Behind Her Eyes’

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Netflix series Behind Her Eyes is a creepy book adaption that’s going to absolutely hook people around the world.

The six-episode UK miniseries follows Louise, a single mum who starts an affair with married psychiatrist David while befriending his troubled wife Adele at the same time. The married couple, of course, hide a dark secret involving Adele’s friend Rob, who she met in rehab. As is the case in any good psychological thriller: all is not what it seems.

Warning: Major spoilers are ahead, so if you haven’t watched the final episode and don’t want to know the twist ending.

OK, so let’s talk about that ending. Most viewers — especially those who aren’t familiar with the book — would have spent the series wondering whether Adele or David killed Rob. But it turns out, in a twist that was straight-up genius, Adele was Rob. In the final episodes, we find out that not only can Adele, Rob, and Louise astral project, they can also swap bodies. And this is what happened with Rob, who after convincing Adele to astral project into each other, then kills his old body (aka Adele) and drops the corpse down the well.

This means that in the final scenes — when Adele steals Louise’s body — it’s actually Rob claiming another victim. In order to avoid his crimes catching up with him, and to keep David (and David’s wealth), Rob decides to inhabit Louise’s body and leave Adele behind.

It’s quite the shock to think that for most of the show from the present day, Adele wasn’t actually Adele. But clever people on Reddit reckon there were plenty of clues scattered throughout the series that explain it all.

6 Reddit theories that explain the bonkers twist ending in Behind Her Eyes:

1. The changes in Adele’s looks and behaviour were a red flag.

When we first meet Adele in present day, she appears to be a cold and calculated person, but in the flashbacks Adele is a warm, bubbly, and kind young woman. One Reddit user wrote that, “While I watched the show I immediately noticed that Adele’s aesthetic had changed. In the flashback scenes, she wore her hair long with floral print dresses and appeared carefree. Fast forward to the present and Adele/Rob’s aesthetic is more polished and put together. Furthermore, David said that Adele was ‘acting like a Stepford Wife’ and added, ‘when is the act going to end?’

“In the flashback scene at Adele’s estate, Rob is seen cooking dinner for David and Adele. The show never mentions Adele being a cook but in the present time, Adele/Rob always has a meal prepared for David.”

Another person added, “Did you also made a connection with Rob when ‘Adele’ showed up at Marianne’s house… The way she referred to her made me think of Rob insulting Marjorie at the mental facility, her words sounded just like his.”

2. Adele’s sudden drug use was a sign that something had changed in her.

Another revealing plot point in the series was when Adele started injecting heroine, which was the same drug that Rob had been addicted to before his death. One user wrote that, “I guessed the ending when Adele turned down the heroin in the flashback, because then it didn’t make sense that she’d be hooked to heroin in the present but would make sense if Adele in the present was actually Rob.”

3. The colour of the astral projections made it clear that Adele was no longer Adele.

This totally went over my head but it makes so much sense. One eagle-eyed user wrote that, “I don’t know if anyone else noticed. But when we see the real Adele’s astral projection it’s purple. Louise’s is consistently green. And Rob’s is blue. As soon as I watched the scene where they first both projected next to each other, I noticed that the ‘Adele’ projections we had been seeing has been blue in the present day! Which is consistent with Rob’s color.

“If the real Adele has been astral projecting in the current day the ‘hue’ of her projections would have been purple. But they were always blue. Subtly hinting she was Rob the whole time.”

4. David may have left a clue when speaking to Louise.

There’s a moment in the series that’s never really explained: When Louise asks David about the girl he saved in a fire, he does not admit that it was his wife, Adele. Why? This Redditor has an interesting theory: “The bit where Louise asks David what ever happened to the girl that he saved from the fire and he said he wasn’t sure, it’s passed off as he’s keeping it from Louise that it was his wife he saved, but I’m thinking now it was alluding to that the woman he saved is a different person to the one whom his wife is now.”

Oop. I hope this is true.

5. Rob’s journal played a crucial role in his masterplan.

While at first it seems like Adele gave Louise Rob’s journal so she can learn about how to control her night terrors, there was a much more sinister motive at play. As this Reddit sleuth said,“Louise told Adele about her night terrors and sleepwalking, which both Adele and Rob suffered from. These are signs that someone can astral project. Adele [aka Rob] pre-meditated this entire scenario, and used her knowledge of Louise as an opportunity to get her to astral project so she could swap bodies with her.

“The techniques in the book were used by both Rob and Adele. So yes, I think Adele was hoping Louise would be able to learn through the book. If you notice the first time Louise astral projects, when she falls asleep reading the book the scene cuts to Adele waking up with a smile on her face.” Spooky.

6. The devil is truly in the details.

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment at Adele’s family home, one scene includes a subtle indication that Rob has literally swapped places with Adele. As this Redditor wrote, “When David returned to the estate [after] ‘Adele’ killed Rob, when David pulls up instead of standing in front of the building like OG Adele did, she’s in the same corner where Rob was nervously hiding when David pulled up to meet him for the first time.”

ARGH!! So creepy!

Behind Her Eyes is available to stream on Netflix.