The 17 Best Memes From ‘MasterChef’ This Week

MasterChef this week brought us “Heat Week” which sadly had nothing to do with my fantasy of the cast of Bachelor In Paradise taking over the kitchen for a week in their paradise dressup and fighting and crying loudly.

I’m not going to lie to you. I watch MasterChef most nights but I also dip in and out attention wise because I’m trying to beat my high score of Free Cell on my phone. So every time I looked up at the TV this week, Reynold seemed to permanently live in the gantry, Andy had fully morphed into George by bouncing around the kitchen on the balls of his feet, and Simon was the only one looking excited about kale.

With Callum pulling the ultimate Bradbury and winning immunity and Sunday’s episode giving us an Australia-themed pressure test, the chaos is mounting as the contestants race towards the finals.

As always, the best part of MasterChef is the fans of the show critiquing the cooks while we all sit at home eating two-minute noodles.

Here are the best memes from this week’s MasterChef: