The Good Place's Eleanor Shellstrop with food

Literally Just A Bunch Of Tweets About Food That We Relate To On A Spiritual Level

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It is so powerful to know that, if you’re ever hungry or you want to shout from the rooftops that you have had the best damn meal of your life, or even just want to Google “good cakes to look at”, the internet has your back.

With that in mind, we decided to round up the best food tweets to get you hyped about enjoying your basic survival instincts.

#1 When Your UberEats Guy Rings Your Doorbell

Honestly, bless the person who first suggested delivering food to people in their houses instead of forcing us into the harsh natural light to collect it.

#2 When You Have Cravings, Will Travel

People have gotten on planes for much worse reasons. Tbh, we respect this.

#3 Honestly, The Holy Grail of Islands

Who do we speak to about making this happen?

 #4 For When You’ve Finished The Entire Box In 15 Seconds Flat

Did you know it’s scientifically impossible to eat popcorn in any quantity less than a handful?

#5 Must Be Nice To Have Multiple iPhones But Also That Much Rice!!!

These people are living in the future, man.

#6 When You Are Craving Something So Specific

 Everybody knows that the best songs are songs about food.

#7 Food Before More Food Is The Best Idea, Like, Ever

It’s second only to dessert, the food that comes AFTER food.

#8 Literally Nothing Has Changed From 20 Minutes Ago, But Here I Am, Standing In Front Of It Again

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a fridge, asking for something – anything – for me to eat to materialise.

#9 Seeya, Busy Living In My Bunker

First, they come for the food. Then, they come for us.

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