Penn Badgley in Gossip Girl

5 Of The Most Unexpected TV & Movie Twists Ever

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One of the best things about the movies is when you think it’s going to turn out one way, but then HANG ON A SECOND – the script is completely flipped. So we decided to absolutely mess with your brains through a list of absolute all-time, hands-down, best movie and TV twists.

#1 Gotta Go My Own Way

Man, it was good to be young and have Gabriella and Troy as your ultimate #couplegoals when High School Musical came out. So you’d remember the absolute BETRAYAL when the infamous song-that-takes-place-on-a-bridge plays out in front of you, crushing your youthful soul, making you scream “WHAT ABOUT TRUST (you know I never wanted to hurt you)” at the top of your lungs, and inspiring a generation of girls to break hearts by giving your man back his necklace.

#2 The Wooden Door-gate

You think you have a pretty good concept of space and how things fit together in this world, until a movie like Titanic comes along and shows you that no, you actually have no idea how anything works, and two healthy-sized humans cannot fit on one side of a wooden door, floating in the ocean. No, one of them must sacrifice his life for the woman he loves, even though that defies basic physics (don’t @ us James Cameron) and seems a bit too dramatic.

#3 Lonely Boy xoxo

Gossip Girl was a series for the ages: it had timeless fashion, beautiful settings, and served as a launch pad for the careers of Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. It also had a highly anticipated ending, with the person behind the all-seeing Gossip Girl revealed to be…Dan? You remember Dan, right? The quiet loner, who makes absolutely no sense at all to be Gossip Girl? To this day, I am still calling for a review of that mistake, because it was obviously a mistake.

#4 Lizzabella Tag Team

HEY NOW, HEY NOW – remember when our favourite unofficial twins from across the ocean united to bring down a cheating man, in one of the most iconic twists in cinematic history? We all drew a deep breath in as Lizzie McGuire – never a singer in her own right – walked onto the stage at the Colosseum (???) and gave one of the greatest duets in modern history. Who would’ve guessed it?


#5 Curtain Closes on The Hills

The mid-to-late 2000s were dominated by reality TV, which gave us such wonderful, lifelike moments like the single black tear rolling down Lauren ‘The Girl Who Didn’t Go To Paris’ Conrad’s face, and the inexplicable “YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!” throwdown with Heidi. There were some incredible villains (Spencer Pratt feat. crystals) and some even better quotable moments (“Homeboy wore BOOTS to the BEACH”), but the most impressive reveal of all was in the series’ final moments, when the street was revealed to be a set, the crew appeared, and we all thought, “Was any of this real?”

There you have it – often what makes a classic is a damn good twist!

(Lead image: The CW)

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