We Ranked The 50 Best Vines Of All Time And You’re Welcome

When video-sharing platform Vine was introduced back in 2013, there was no way anybody could have predicted the straight-up comedy gold that would follow. We were truly blessed.

The website was for sure one of the strangest, dumbest and most creative corners of the internet, and ever since it was unplugged (R.I.P) back in 2016, we’ve been blessed with countless Vine compilation videos on YouTube to reflect on simpler — and most importantly incredibly stupid — times.

But with literally millions in existence, which are the very best Vines? After watching an embarrassing amount of compilations, I’ve got a definitive ranking for y’all.

OK let’s do this thing. These are the 50 best vines of all time.

#50 Weightlifting Rage Baby

Headphone users, consider yourselves warned.

#49 Yasss Cat

We STAN a cat who gets what she wants. Yes bitch.

#48 Oh My God

Oh my god, why is this so funny? Certainly one of the best Vines of all time.

#47 Hello?

Don’t act all high and mighty… we’ve all been that girl.

#46 Move Bitch

Ah, brotherly love. But seriously, is he OK?

#45 Me On A Monday Morning

Where’s the lie?



#43 The Power Of God And Anime

When you befriend the new kid before coming to the realisation he might be a serial killer.

#42 Happy Birthday Raven!

Get Raven out of there, she deserves so much more than this.

#41 Gimme Your F**ing Money!


#40 Merry Chrysler

Consider this a virtual Christmas card to send to your loved ones. You’re welcome xoxo.

#39 Cup High Heels

Just buy the boy an eight-inch heel already!

#38 Calculator Selfie

Middle-aged women failing to understand technology will never not be funny.

#37 I Won’t Hesitate, Bitch!

Damn. Can’t trust anyone these days. SMDH.

#36 Tapped The Breaks


#35 An Avocado? Thanks!

Maybe children aren’t the worst?

#34 When Your Mum Gets Hold Of Your Spotify Playlist

Damn, you a freak.

#33 Dancing To Heart And Soul

Sometimes you just gotta hit that nae nae, ya know?

#32 Sneezed On The Beet

Only the good die young. R.I.P.

#31 What The Fuck, Richard?

Seriously though Richard, what the fuck?

#30 A Spectacular Fall

A true cinematic masterpiece, IMHO.

#29 Country Boy, I Love Youuuuu


#28 A Potato Flew Around My Room

The second-hand anxiety is real with this one.

#27 XOXO, Gossip Girl 

My President.

#26 Honey, You Got A Big Storm Comin’

You could shop at five or six stores, or just one.

#25 Zoey 101 microwave

I still ship Zoey and Chase. Don’t @ me.

#24 Two Bros Chillin’ In The Hot Tub

No homo, bro.


Honestly, same.

#22 Hi, Welcome To Chili’s

How could you not include this? Iconic, legendary, talented, revolutionary .

#21 Deeper Deeper Mask


#20 Summertime Sadness Chicken

Simply beautiful.

#19 Come Get Y’all Juice!

You know shit’s about to go down when their parents get home.

#18 Hi, My Name Is Tre And I Have A Basketball Game Tomorrow

Goodluck, Tre.

#17 What’s 9 + 10?

Changing the math game forever.

#16 High School Musical 2 Pool Kid

Never in my life have I seen a lip-sync performed with such precision. RuPaul who? I don’t know her.

#15 Lemme Give You A Kiss, Mwah!

Ladies and gentlemen, live TV is the gift that keeps on giving.

#14 Back At It Again At Krispy Kreme


#13 Can I please Get A Waffle?

Did he get his waffle tho?

#12 I Could Have Dropped My Croissant!

SMDH. You should know better than to get between a man and his pastry

#11 America, Explain


#10 Look At All Those Chickens!

Honestly, close enough.

#9 Milk Beep

#8 Has Never Went To Oovoo Javer

When you didn’t hear the question, skip smiling and nodding and go straight to answering incorrectly with confidence. Iconic power move.

#7 Fre Sh A Vacado

Come on down to Del Taco!

#6 Lebron James

Lebron Jaaaaaaaames.

#5 You Better STOP


#4 Two Shots Of Vodka

Send a medic.

#3 Oh My God, They Were Roommates

“And they were roommates!”

#2 This Bitch Empty

YEET! Clearly one of the best vines in existence.

#1 Chris, Is That A Weed?!

OK hear me out. This Vine is the best and epitomises what the entire website was — so bloody stupid. It’s iconic.

There were so many incredible Vines to choose from! What do you think though, did we miss any?

R.I.P Vine 2013 — 2016. We hardly knew ye.