Beyoncé Just Dropped New Holiday Merch And It Is Everything

Nothing says happy holidays like a whole bunch of Beyoncé merchandise that is so beyond extra it’s absolutely perfect. We need it all and we need it now.

Without any warning (classic Yoncé) the festive merchandise just came out of nowhere and shook up our Christmas lists completely. Beyoncé has given new meaning to the holiday season. Literally.


The collection includes ornaments, wrapping paper, shirts, sweaters and onesies, and we want it all. Basically, anything and everything Beyoncé is trying to sell everybody is lining up to buy.

The merch is a good example of how Beyoncé can get away with anything because if Yoncé says it’s cool then that’s the final word. Even if the holiday products are reaching wonderfully bizarre levels of extra, we are all here for it.

Some of the highlights include the T-shirts ft. the slogan “Beyoncé holiday sweater”. Actually perfect for Aussie christmas weather it’s almost like she was thinking specifically of us southern hemisphere folk with this cracker piece of merch.

Also, the “Have a Thicc Holiday” sweater. Hell yea OK I’ve gotta get my hands on that bad boy and embrace the festive season thiccness.

The Christmas tree ornaments are too perfect they will be the Beyoncé of your decorations. Especially the red satin bauble with lemons on it that says “Slay Bells”. I’m dead.

This Yoncé merch is just screaming out to treat yo self these holidays.

You can check out the full range of Beyoncé’s holiday merch here and get geared up for the festive season. Thank you Qween.

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