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The Winner Of ‘Big Brother’ Has Been Crowned But Not Everyone Is Happy

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After just over six weeks of hectic challenges, faux-mances, and tea-sipping, the winner of Big Brother was finally crowned for 2020 — and a lot of fans are not happy.

The finale united all of the housemates back together (minus the Victorian players stuck in lockdown) as host Sonia Kruger grilled them about their time in the house. The competition boiled down to Chad Hurst, Sophie Budack, and Daniel Gorringe — and finally the winner was announced and awarded the $250k prize money.

There were over 700k votes cast and Chad (yes…Chad!) was revealed as the winner. Upon hearing his name, Chad was truly speechless, like he literally couldn’t speak and asked his mum to give his victory speech. When prompted by Sonia, he simply said: “Ah, fuck.”


Some viewers were here for Chad being crowned the winner.

But others tweeted their disappointment.

The season began with 21 contestants and every episode a housemate was evicted. The rebooted series presently a very different show to what fans came to know and love from the Big Brother that first debuted in the ’00s. Taking inspiration from the US and Canadian format, this year’s series was all about strategy, with housemates allowed to speak openly about nominations for the first time.

The revised format frustrated some fans who missed the personal stories and more lighthearted moments the reality show was famous for. Despite the criticism, the series was a ratings success and Channel 7 announced last month that Big Brother will be back for another season.

Until then, I know my 2020 winner…