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Everything We Know About The ‘Big Brother’ Reboot

It might be 2020, but it honestly feels like 2002, because I am absolutely buzzing over the upcoming season of Big Brother.

Channel 7 have just dropped the first trailer after announcing last year that they were rebooting the popular ’00s reality series. It actually looks phenomenal and I have CHILLS. “I have been watching you, Australia,” the Big Brother voiceover booms. “You see, I never went away and now I am ready to play again.” OOFT. Bring. It.

In the short trailer we meet a new BB — a voice that sounds much more robotic than previous versions — and are shown a preview of the house. The trailer then veers into threatening territory, as BB warns, “There is nowhere to run, there is nowhere to hide,” which tbh is just a massive mood right now while stuck in lockdown. Feel like pure shit, just want somewhere to run or hide.

Check out the Big Brother trailer below:

Before the series makes its big debut in June, here’s what we could dig up about what to expect from the reboot and how the game has changed.

Here’s everything we know about the Big Brother reboot:

Will it be like old school Big Brother?

Yes and no. The reboot will be the same in terms of being a reality show based in a lush house full of random strangers, who will nominate each other for eviction. With Sonia Kruger back as host, the show will no doubt have the same feel as some of its previous iterations.

However, the big change is that the series has been largely prerecorded, with the majority of the episodes not airing live. We can assume this means that it will be the housemates who determine which contestant is evicted each week, so what happens in the series will be for the most part out of viewer’s hands. This is a format similar to the American and Canadian versions of the show.

The finale is the only episode that will air live, and involve a public vote, which will see viewers choose the series’ winner.

When was it filmed?

As most of the series won’t air live, the majority of the episodes were already prerecorded throughout February and March. Filming was temporarily shutdown due to fears over a suspected coronavirus case from a member of production, but filming soon resumed after the crew member tested negative for the virus. The only episode that hasn’t been filmed is the finale.

Where was it filmed?

After the BB house in Dreamworld on the Gold Coast was sadly destroyed in a fire, the new house needed to be built in a different location. This year’s house looks very different to the old setup — it’s more of a studio within a warehouse — and is in Manly’s North Head in Sydney.

big brother australia channel 7

What do we know about the contestants?

Sonia said that this year’s contestants were more diverse than ever, and ranging in age from 19 to 61. There is already a rumour reported by the Daily Mail that AFL player Daniel Gorringe will be a housemate on the upcoming season, as he was spotted at an audition.

The Voice contestant Jack Vidgen is another name being dropped in the mix by NW, while there’s also a rumour that a previous BB housemate will return to the series. However, Sonia has denied the claim a ex-housemate will return, calling it “fake news”.

How much is the prize money?

This is being kept fairly hush hush, but Sonia has said on the matter: “We haven’t revealed how much money – but it is a lot.” The series’ prize fund has previously ranged between $250k and $1 million.

Will Friday Night Live be back?

It’s unlikely that the beloved spin-off show will be back in its original form, but in the trailer we saw a glimpse of a hectic-looking games room, so at the very least it appears the contestants will be competing in regular challenges. Mike Goldman, where you at?

When does it air?

Big Brother premieres in June on Channel 7.

Not long now, fam!!