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The Funniest Tweets From ‘Big Brother’ This Week

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Big Brother entered its chaos era this week as Tully gatecrashed the party and reunited with her ex, Drew, who had already started a romance with fellow housemate, Sam. It was high drama and we lived!

The last we saw of Tully and Drew on our TV screens was their cheating scandal back in 2013, which saw Tully enter the house in a relationship and exit dating Drew. Tully has since started dating someone new, but that didn’t make their reunion any less awkward, especially when Tim announced Drew already had a new girlfriend. It was made all the worse as it was Drew’s current squeeze Sam’s birthday.

In short, it was a garbage fire and we loved watching every second of it.

Other highlights from the week include Tully and Tim bickering like siblings, and Joel calling off his very brief romance with Aleisha by informing her he didn’t feel “the urge” to kiss her. That’ll do it! This week also saw Big Brother royalty Layla evicted, as she sacrificed herself to save Johnson after he spoke emotionally about wanting to stay in the house.

Lara also departed the show after being pitted against Lulu in a nail-biting eviction, with loose cannon Farmer Dave voting against his alliance due to being won over by Lara’s (rather deranged) pitch to stay. One OG who was not buying Lara’s pitch was Reggie, who continues to say what we’re all thinking each and every episode.

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Until next week’s drama, let’s relive the action via the best tweets.

The funniest tweets from this week’s Big Brother:



















Big Brother airs Monday to Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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