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Why Did ‘Big Brother’ Not Show Hannah & Kieran’s Party Pash?

This season of Big Brother has been lacking. Sure, there’s strategy, hectic challenges, and cutthroat evictions but tbh, that’s not what I signed up for. I came for messy party pashes.

In news that has deeply confused me, latest evictee Hannah has revealed that she kissed Kieran while in the house but it was edited out of the daily show. “I kissed Kieran in the house and they never showed that, which is pretty upsetting,” she told Daily Mail.

“My first week, we did dating practice, because Kieran hasn’t gone on a date before, so I put my hand up for some dating practice and let him kiss me, and they didn’t even show it.”

But this isn’t the only time they kissed – at the Mexican fiesta party on Tuesday night’s episode they had a proper pash. “On my last day, I had a bouquet of flowers and I said “Kieran, if you catch this, I’ll kiss you” and he caught it and I gave him another kiss. I’m so shocked this hasn’t come out on camera,” Hannah said.


She shared even more deets on radio show Xavier, Juelz and Pete, telling the hosts, “It’s sad they don’t show a lot of what happens in the house. It was just first base, I think it was his first kiss,” before describing the pash as, “Sweaty. Hot and sweaty.” What an image.

I just can’t wrap my head around why none of this was shown. What is the point of these juicier, wild moments happening if they don’t ever feature in the episodes? We got like 20 minutes of Dan getting a video message from his girlfriend this week, but no footage from the party. This is infuriating.

It looks like outside the house, Kieran has still been trying his luck with Hannah. “Well, he’s still asking me out on dates,” she shared with Daily Mail. “Kieran and I have the best relationship. We FaceTime all the time. He has a beautiful heart and is so warm and caring.”

This would have been a cute friendship to follow in the house, it’s a pity we saw practically zero of it.