big brother australia 2021 housemates

Our Savage First Impressions Of The First Lot Of ‘Big Brother’ Housemates

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Big Brother is back in a big way, with a new lot of housemates and practically a whole new house filled with all kinds of secret rooms. I wonder where they’re hiding Gretel Killeen? Stay tuned!

On tonight’s premiere, viewers met the first 12 housemates and Big Brother ain’t messing around as two contestants — scheming villain Daniel and easygoing lad Nick — were immediately tasked with escaping the house through a stealthy door in the couch. From there, they went down to a secret bunker to watch the housemates from below, avoiding the first challenge and therefore the chance of being nominated by challenge winner, Renata. As Daniel and Nick sat pretty, Max, Christina and Mel were all put up for nominations.

And the twists kept coming. In the eviction room, Daniel and Nick returned just in time to be told by Sonia Kruger that they held all the power: they could either choose to evict one person or save all three. While Nick didn’t want to stir the pot, Daniel got out a goddamn whisk and said some rather harsh words in front of the group before booting out Max.

Like many of tonight’s housemates, Daniel is quite a character aka he’s absolutely bonkers. It’s time to go through our assessments of all the housemates!

Our savage first impressions of the first 12 Big Brother housemates:

Max, 29, QLD

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Even though I didn’t like Max at all, I wish he stayed longer just for the drama that could come from his ex, Katie, living in the house with him. This is surely something producers lined up, so it feels like a wasted opportunity.

Although tbh, it’s not like Max was acting like he even knew Katie. He ignored her for the first few days until he was nominated and all of a sudden he goes up to her and tells her,“there’s a lot you gain from me being here”. Oh my god, this guy sucks.

As a four-time New Zealand Ironman Champion, Max came to win but maybe he should have kept his accomplishments to himself. It was obvious that Max would be a challenge beast and he did nothing to sway people from considering him the biggest threat. When Renata said in the first challenge that Max would be hard to beat, Max actually agreed with her?? This guy’s ego is out of control.

While he may have excelled in the fitness part of the challenge, he was awful during the puzzle stage, so he was hardly the challenge beast he positioned himself to be. In another odd moment, Max totally saw Daniel and Nick go missing but didn’t tell anyone, not even his closest ally Christina. Max’s worst moment tonight was referring to Big Brother as “big dog” and for this, he will never be forgiven.

Most likely to: Get evicted first, lol. Bye Felicia.

Mitchell, 26, QLD

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Mitchell is a delight and will probably go under the radar for most of the season. He says people often mistake him for Pablo Escobar or Mario and look, they’re not wrong. Mitchell’s greatest passion in life is the humble platypus and in the best scene from tonight’s episode, Big Brother instructed Mitchell to swim in the pool like a platypus, then dig into the pool’s floor with his invisible bill. Mitchell performed with shameless enthusiasm and it truly made me happy.

Most likely to: Watch David Attenborough docos in his spare time.

Renata, 45, SA

big brother australia 2021 housemates

We didn’t see too much from Renata tonight, but from what we did see: I like her! In reaction to Max having an advantage in the challenge for being an actual ironman, she exclaimed, “So we’re all doomed,” and it was a real vibe.

While Renata was one of the last to complete the physical challenge, she made up for lost time by dominating the puzzle and ended up winning the whole thing. She won the ability to nominate three people and chose Max for being arrogant, Christina for her connection with Max, and Mel because she umm…really likes her?? Weird decision but you can’t fault her for realising that Max was a bit of a douche. Mad respect.

Most likely to: Be low-key the most strategic thinker in the whole game.

Sid, 34, WA

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Out of all of the contestants tonight, we saw virtually nothing from this teacher from Perth. Poor Sid! Literally the only thing we learnt about him tonight was that when Big Brother asked Sid what luxury item he would like in the house, he gave this wholesome answer: “I wouldn’t mind a good book.” We stan a well-read king.

Most likely to: Read a book.

Christina, 22, VIC

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Christina seems like a lot of fun and will no doubt have quite a few fellas falling at her feet. Before entering the house, she told Sonia that she is keeping her eye on the prize but wouldn’t say no to finding love in the house.

Once inside, she immediately started spending all her time with Max, but it’s clear she doesn’t want to get locked down. At eviction when pressed on her relationship with Max, she replied, “A bit keen, you guys! It is a friendship with Max…I don’t think it’s flirty, I think we’re just open to discussion.” Savage.

At the same time, Max sat there saying nothing as he was probably incapacitated from the dagger stabbed through his heart.

Most likely to: Break all the guys’ hearts.

Carlos, 39, WA

big brother australia 2021 housemates

This is a Carlos fan account now. I am obsessed with this international teacher from Columbia. He danced his way into the Big Brother house, then requested an espresso coffee machine to feed his caffeine addiction. The man is accustomed to drinking 14 cups of coffee…a day! He must be stopped!

When Big Brother sent his coffee machine and beans through the wood chipper, he looked like he might cry. “He slapped my face, bam, bam! This is not a honeymoon, this is not your house!” Carlos declared. He deserves the world.

Most likely to: Have a different personality before his morning cup of coffee.

Katie, 27, NSW

big brother australia 2021 housemates

I have complicated feelings about Katie. At first, I thought she was a bit basic as when Carlos greeted her, she replied “Ola? Is that Mexican?”. Gurl. Later when she saw Mitchell’s platypus tattoo, she asked “what does it mean?”. Umm, it means platypus!!

Later in the episode, I started to warm to Katie after she was totally snubbed by her ex, Max, and then had to watch as he flirted with Christina. Katie is clearly jealous of Christina and Max, and said the dynamic between her and her ex is “off at the moment”. When Max was nominated, all of a sudden he started giving Katie attention to convince her to save him and unfortunately Katie seems to fall for it. Relatable! We all have that ex who we can’t get over and that no matter how many times they treat you like crap, you can’t help answering your phone when they call.

Hopefully since Max was evicted tonight, we will see some more sides to Katie in the coming episodes.

Most likely to: Still be friends with all of her ex’s family members on Facebook.

Nick, 29, SA

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Nick is super funny and as long as people don’t perceive him as a threat, he could go far in this game. He is nice and easy to get along with – some could say too easy as he somehow ended up being stuck with Daniel in the underground bunker. I felt for Nick, as it was obvious he didn’t even want to be involved in the plan, but he’s also someone who will just go with the flow.

So much so, that Nick didn’t even bring any clothes with him, so was left topless and having to cut up a towel to fashion himself a “t-shirt” while underground, which in actuality looked more like the kind of boho chic poncho that would be sold in a Byron boutique for $80.

While sure to provide laughs, Nick is clearly a smart player too. Tonight in the eviction room, as Daniel became more and more unhinged when they were given the power to evict, Nick tried to separate himself from Daniel, saying “I’ve seen him for two days, Sonia, and he is loose.” This appeared to be making a point of saying they were not aligned together, and when it came to Max getting voted out, it was obvious to everyone that it was Daniel who swung the axe.

Most likely to: Nominate Daniel on tomorrow’s episode.

Lil (aka Flex Mami), 26, NSW

big brother australia 2021 housemates

I can’t believe how lil we saw of Lil on tonight’s episode, especially considering she is one of the house’s most famous faces. However, what did make the cut was hilariously perfect.

In the challenge, after her first attempt of jumping with the harness, Lil said,  “Oh I can’t do that again, oh no,” and you know what? She didn’t! Instead, as everyone competed, Lil sat with her legs wrapped around the top of the pole like a clip-on koala and wouldn’t move or participate. Excuse me? Queen shit! Lil is one to watch.

Most likely to: Spend two hours meticulously getting ready, only to do the bare minimum in every challenge.

Mel, 33, SA

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Mel is a sheep farmer from South Australia. Upon entering the house and tasting the tap water, Mel exclaimed “Ugh chlorine!!” which I think is country speak for, “I only drink rain tank water, keep your filthy city water to yourself, yee-haw!”.

Later she actually asked Daniel when pointing to his face, “You got botox in there?” then believed him when he told her he’s 70 years old. Botox does wonders but it can’t bend time, Mel! When Big Brother shred the luxury lamb roast she requested, she moaned, “Chippy massacred all our dreams.” It’s a beautiful sentiment. I personally love Mel, but I think she might struggle to connect with the house’s majority of city-dwellers.

Most likely to: Bring up the fact she comes from the country 10 times per episode.

Daniel, 48, VIC

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Daniel might be the worst contestant in the history of Big Brother, that’s how bad his gameplan is. After the real estate mogul entered the house, he kept shouting “This is my house now!!” to no one in particular, then later he said to Katie, “Everyone will think because I’m a real estate agent that I’m a snake, but I’m not! I’m not!”. Narrator: he is.

Daniel chose to bring Nick down to the bunker as part of Big Brother’s secret challenge, which would mean they both avoid the first nomination. In the eviction room after being told that he and Nick have the power to either send someone home or save all three nominated housemates, Daniel became super aggressive and acted nonchalant about sending someone home.

Nick tried to make Daniel see sense, as it’s pretty clear that if Daniel pissed off everyone, he will be up for eviction next. But Daniel shut Nick down and voted out Max. “Look at me, I’m the King of the jungle,” he yelled at Nick back in the house. Wrong show, hon.

Daniel is a deeply weird unit. This guy has no chance of getting past the next eviction.

Most likely to: Get evicted next.

Sarah Jane, 66, NSW

big brother australia 2021 housemates

Sarah Jane, or SJ as she prefers, is an absolute boss. She is already proving to be a massive social threat: she’s bonded with the ladies in the house, she’s leading a morning yoga class, and she’s also taking charge in the kitchen, wanting to expand the pantry’s spices. All these factors mean that she provides value to the house and therefore will not be someone that people want to nominate.

Furthermore, she clearly is a deep thinker as she was the only housemates to theorise that Daniel and Nick had gone into a room under the house. SJ is one to watch.

Most likely to: Be underestimated and go all the way to the end.