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‘Big Brother’ Evictee Joel Claims Drew “Used” Sam To His Advantage

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Joel was a challenge beast on Big Brother, making him an obvious target and culminating in his eviction on Monday night’s episode.

The timing of Joel’s departure couldn’t be worse. Before his eviction, Joel was approached by longtime rival, Drew, who made a potentially savage move to target his in-house girlfriend, Sam. Drew told Joel that there was moves in his game he could “never do,” and therefore hoped to cut a deal with Joel for him to carry out his dirty work. Joel promptly passed on the contents of their conversation to Aleisha.

Appearing on Hit Entertainment’s podcast The Eviction Room, Joel clarified that Drew was speaking about voting out Sam during their conversation. “That is exactly what he meant. I even reiterated that to him, I was like ‘You’re going to get rid of Aleisha and I’ll get rid of Sam, right?’ — I literally said that point blank to him — and he was like, ‘Yeah, for sure.'”

Joel didn’t mince his words in what he had to say about Drew’s true intentions with Sam. “He was in there playing a really strong game and was willing to take out his new love interest on the show only two weeks in,” Joel said. “I think he’s someone who loves a good TV relationship which we saw on his last season. I think part of it was authentic but a lot of it was a play: Sam was a floater and as Tim said, the floaters controlled the game. He used that to his advantage.”

Following Drew and Joel’s chat airing on Monday, Sam posted on Instagram an image of herself and Big Brother royal Trevor, captioned “I think this guy is the only trustworthy one in the house!” Ouch! Shots fired.

Stay tuned for Punkee’s chat with Drew on this week’s Reality Tea podcast (dropping Thursday) to hear his side of the story. Find us on Spotify.

Aside from drama with Drew, another storyline that enveloped Joel’s time on Big Brother was his on/off romance with fellow newbie, Aleisha. They were drawn together from the beginning, sharing some cute spas sessions, before taking their relationship to the next level with some cuddling in bed. But just as Aleisha thought they were about to kiss, Joel informed her that he didn’t feel “the urge” to take that next step. Cue: Aleisha imploding and icing out Joel. Joel came running back and their relationship appeared back on track before his untimely eviction, but he did seize the chance to snog Aleisha before he was sent packing.

So, are Joel and Aleisha now going out? Nope!

In the same The Eviction Room interview, Joel revealed that not only is he dating someone new but it sounds like Aleisha found this out by running into him and his current girlfriend. Umm, this sounds like a nightmare. “It was actually pretty funny, the first time I ran into Aleisha was actually out on a date with my new girlfriend — that was very, very awkward.” You don’t say!

When he ran into her, Joel said that Alesha’s reaction was “very shocked, that’s for sure,” before adding “Ultimately, it was fine. We’re adults, we know that we grow apart. She lived in Melbourne before going on Big Brother and was based in Newcastle, so there was always that gap there.”

Joel reckons the short-lived BB lovers are now on good terms. “We’re amicable. There’s no bad blood, we just know that people fall apart, especially over time, and this show was filmed quite a while ago — things change,” he said. “She’s dating someone else now too.”

Big Brother airs Monday to Wednesday on Channel 7 and 7Plus.