Big Brother Layla Subritzky

Layla Subritzky Has Come Out Swinging Against The ‘Big Brother’ Housemates

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On Monday night, Layla Subritzky became the first of the Big Brother royalty to be evicted from the house.

While her return to Big Brother was short-lived, she did manage to win a challenge that saw her scaling up the side of stacked blocks to collect a flag. Layla arrived to the house a few days late after first being kept in the sewer alongside Trevor Butler and Anthony Drew. This put the former BB finalist at an obvious disadvantage compared to the first group of housemates who formed a bond early on.

And according to Layla herself, she doesn’t look back fondly on her time in the house. “Look, I didn’t really have a great time in there, to be honest,” Layla told 7Entertainment. “It wasn’t great, it wasn’t nice.”

After coming in late, Layla revealed that she struggled to form connections and at times, “housemates would ignore” her. Layla suspected that the reason for this was because they had been told by her 2012 costar, Estelle Landy, that Layla was a bully. “When I got into the house, Estelle has already told the housemates that she was bullied in 2012 by myself and [season winner] Benjamin [Norris],” Layla claimed.

Layla alleged that because of Estelle’s claims, when she got into the house the housemates acted like “a pack of wolves for [her], saying ‘You’re a bully, you’re a f****** bully, you bullied Estelle’”. It wasn’t just the new housemates who Layla claimed made assumptions about her, as she revealed that she thought “some of the OGs nominated me because of that, because I was a bully to Estelle in 2012.”

Back on the 2012 season, Estelle was often alienated by some of her fellow housemates who formed a tight clique that she wasn’t in. This meant she was targeted during nominations, becoming one of the most nominated housemates ever.

Layla said she attempted to make amends with Estelle while in the 2022 house. “I just apologised, because I’m not a bully. I apologised like ‘Oh, I’m so sorry if you felt like I was a bully towards you in 2012. You’re the most nominated housemate of all time, but that wasn’t because of me’.

“So I apologised and I gave her a hug, and I was like ‘I’m so sorry that you think that’,” Layla said.

Layla went on to reveal that the changing dynamic of Big Brother towards being more about strategising rather than socialising was something she found jarring. “The game was next level and no one really wanted to have a conversation with you to get to know you, they just wanted to have a conversation with you to make you like them,” she said.

Layla added that she found the housemates “manipulative”, noting that “no one had anyone’s back,” and she didn’t think there was any “genuine connections in the house,” unlike what she experienced on the 2012 season.

Ultimately, it doesn’t sound like Layla was made for this new era of Big Brother. “I was pretty shocked when I was in the house to start with. I would have preferred to have stayed in the sewers if I’m honest.”

Big Brother airs Monday to Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.