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The ‘Big Brother’ Housemates Found Out About Coronavirus & Welcome To Our Hell

Last night’s Big Brother was no ordinary episode, as the housemates were told that coronavirus had become a global pandemic and the house was placed into lockdown.

Sunday’s episode began with host Sonia Kruger announcing that the game would be suspended as a crew member had been exposed to COVID-19 and was getting tested. This meant that the crew-operated cameras around the house were removed which didn’t go unnoticed by the housemates.

After the housemates suspected something was awry, they were called into the diary room and told the news. “Big Brother has some important news. As you know, the coronavirus has been intensifying around the world, now things have escalated here in Australia,” Big Brother began.

“Big Brother has been made aware that a crew member has come into contact with a confirmed coronavirus case. Currently they are being tested for the virus but show no symptoms themselves. As a precaution, the Big Brother house will be placed into lockdown.”

The housemates were beyond shook.

Housemates were told that given the circumstances, they were allowed to phone a loved one. The game was then suspended for a few days, before it recommenced and Xavier was evicted.

Viewers couldn’t help but take the piss out of the housemates finding out about what many of us now consider our new normal:

Big Brother returns tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 7.