big brother xavier

Dear ‘Big Brother’, We Want To See More Xavier Immediately

Big Brother viewers have noticed one housemate has been flying under the radar for weeks and we demand to see more of him. Xavier, my man, the show is doing you dirty.

The series has been edited this year so that only certain housemates are given decent backstories and time to shine in the show. We see loads of Daniel, Kieran, Chad, Sophie and Angela (I’m not complaining though), but we have seen virtually nothing from handsome paramedic, Xavier.

big brother xavier

Xavier looks like he’s the long-lost Aussie member of One Direction. Xavier looks like he would text you after a first date, only to ghost you two weeks later. Xavier looks like his hair would be sexy pushed back. Xavier could save us all. I want to know more…

WHO IS HE????????

The poor guy has been given zero storylines so far but he’s taking it all in his stride. Xavier often posts on Instagram to take the piss out of his edit.

big brother xavier

Xavier’s nonexistence on the show has become a running joke on Twitter. Then finally, on last night’s episode…XAVIER SPOKE!! He didn’t just talk but he delivered a rousing speech in the eviction room, encouraging his fellow housemates to vote out Garth.

My baby absolutely floored everyone! We love to see it!

Big Brother viewers are thrilled that Xavier is finally getting some time to shine:

Dear Big Brother, give the people what they want. People want more Xavier. We honestly cannot get enough.

Big Brother returns tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 7.