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This New Trailer For ‘Big Brother VIP’ Is Simply Too Much For Me

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The second half of 2021 is truly loaded with reality TV. From The Bachelorette and The Masked Singer to the long-awaited return of Love Island and Celebrity MasterChef, there’s a nonstop stream of shows coming. However, the most anticipated show has to be Big Brother VIP. 

The celebrity season is already promising controversy and with a cast including the likes of Thomas Markle Jr., Caityle Jenner and Jessika Power, we expect things to get scandalous. If you want to know everything we could dig up on the season — click here — as there’s plenty of rumours already circulating about what to expect.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, overnight a new promo dropped, offering the first sneak peek of life in the house (or hotel, rather) as the celebrities interact and visit the diary room.

It’s… a lot.

Watch the new Big Brother VIP trailer and we’ll discuss below:


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First up, the scene between Caitlyn Jenner and Survivor’s Luke Toki is disappointing to say the least. “You’ve probably never met anybody who is trans. Let me see if I can try to explain,” Caitlyn begins in the clip. “Yeah perfect,” Luke replies. Caitlyn then gives an analogy comparing being trans to some people being born right or left-handed. She asked Luke why people are either left or right-handed and he said “Well, that’s just the way you were born.”

While Caitlyn handled this whole learning moment with patience and grace, is it a bit backwards that we are still having these conversations in 2021? Trans people shouldn’t have to justify themselves to anyone, and it’s not their responsibility to educate others. Caitlyn shouldn’t have to explain what being transgender is to her fellow housemates. If this is a sample of how Caitlyn is going to be treated this season, then no thanks! Keep it.

Then there’s this other random moment where Thomas Markle Jr. is sitting in the diary room with Luke (yep, Luke again) and he declares that he wants to write to half-sister Meghan and Harry. He starts to pen his letter, writing “Dear Meghan and Harry, the first thing that I want to say to both of you…” before the promo trails off. OK then!

I’m sure the former royals are waiting with bated breath for Thomas’ correspondence. This man is shameless and will no doubt milk his (very loose) connection to Meghan until his very last day in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother VIP is “coming soon” to Channel 7.