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The Best Tweets From The ‘Big Brother VIP’ Premiere

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After what feels like a whole year of promos and anticipation, Big Brother VIP finally kicked off last night.

The premiere night’s events were everything we could have expected and more: Caitlyn Jenner name-dropped Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for no particular reason; Thomas Markle Jr. seized his chance to degrade his half-sister Meghan’s character; and Jessika ‘Steal Yo’ Man’ Power immediately developed a crush on a married man within two seconds of entering the hotel. Nature is healing!

The premiere also came with some public outrage, but from an unlikely source. It wasn’t from Caitlyn or Donald Trump’s political aid Omarosa Newman, but from Big Brother himself destroying the celebrities’ breakfast on the morning after they arrived. Many viewers were disgusted that so much food would be thrown in the bin.

After the celebrities arrived, three were promised they would be moved to the hotel’s penthouse if their entry key card opened the elevator door. The three lucky contestants were Caitlyn, Luke Toki, and Imogen Anthony. However, this turned out to be a curse rather than a blessing, as on the way up to the penthouse, the elevator broke down, which ended with the three staying a halved house: a tiny room with a low ceiling, halved beds, and super small furnishings.

The three did not compete in the first Big Brother challenge, which saw the rest of the contestants hanging from beams as giant fans sent them swinging in the air. Ellie Gonsalves won and her prize was being able to release one of the celebs from the half-house, and she selected Caitlyn.

Tonight’s episode promises fresh tea from Jessika, as she shares some spicy DMs that Shane Warne sent her. Oop! Can’t wait. Until then, here are some of the premiere’s funniest tweets.

The best tweets from the Big Brother VIP premiere:

















Big Brother VIP airs Monday to Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel 7.