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12 Bizarre Things All Aussie Teenagers Did (For Some Reason?!)

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Growing up as a teenager in Australia is a pretty unique experience, and as my younger self would say, “it’s just so random!”

From what made you cool in high school to what you would spend your weekends doing in your teen years, looking back it was all a bit weird and unnecessary. But that was just life, hey.

Here are some bizarre things all Aussies did as teens!

#1. Wore those ugly rubber bracelets

These bands were called many different things but most commonly ‘come fuck me bands’. The general rule was that the number you wore signified how many sex partners you had which, looking back, is particularly hilarious when most of our numbers were zero.

#2. Spoke Pig Latin

It feels almost like an initiation ritual to become a teenager and learn how to speak Pig Latin. It was a pretty essential skill so you could tell your siblings secrets while confusing and annoying the shit out of your parents.

#3. Sprayed deodorant on your skin for as long as you could stand

A favourite pastime boys at school often participated in was competing to see who could handle spraying deodorant on a single patch of skin for the longest. It burns and I do not recommend. But you know how the old saying goes, boys will be… idiots.

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#4. Gifted friends gerberas for their birthdays

I don’t know why this particular flower was so sought after but the more gerberas you received on your b’day, the more popular you were. That’s just a scientific fact.

#5. Drew dicks on classroom chairs

No matter what classroom you were in, there was always at least one chair with a dick drawn on the seat. Of course no one wanted to sit on the dick chair. It was social suicide.

#6. Altered school skirts to make them appear shorter

This was the worst for private school girls who had to have their skirt measured but we all knew a clever hack was to roll the skirt up from the top. How else are our knee-high socks meant to be seen?!

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#7. Went late night shopping on a Thurs/Fri nights

When you’re too young to go to the pub your options are pretty limited to places like shopping centres. Late night shopping was a must-do and always finished off with a hotdog and a triple chocolate thickshake from Wendy’s.

#8. Drank random spirits found in your parents’ liquor cabinet

Most teens’ first interaction with alcohol was drinking whatever was sitting in your mum and dad’s liquor cabinet. I think I once drank port for the first and last time.

#9. Paint your nails with Wite-Out

If you didn’t spend classes painting your nails with Wite-Out with your bestie colouring the white in with a hot pink highlighter, then did you even go to school in Australia?

#10. Secretly played Cool Maths Games during class

It’s bizarre how much fun we all had spending hours playing these games right under our teacher’s nose. The ‘World’s Hardest Game’ is still my Everest.

#11. Stuck a whole galaxy of those plastic stars on your bedroom ceiling

This is definitely something teens around the world do as well but I’ll never understand the appeal of having fake yellow stars staring at you while you sleep and often falling down in the night.

#12. Carried your P.E clothes in a Supré bag

Because it’s high school it was all about appearances and for a hot minute carrying a pink Supré bag to P.E class was the epitome of cool.

I still carry my old Supré bag to the gym. I think high school has ruined me.

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