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Blake Shelton Knows Y’all Don’t Think He’s The Sexiest Man Alive, Okay!

People have been very vocal about the fact that Blake Shelton was the extremely incorrect choice for People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive title this year, and Blake has heard us, and he gets it guys.

After Shelton was named the 2017 Sexiest Man Alive, the world has been united in confusion. The response has been overwhelming disagreement and a merciless roasting of the lukewarm American country star.


Well guys, Blake has heard our woes and he seems to find the whole thing pretty damn funny too. He’s getting sexier already. When the whole world is roasting you for being the wrong choice for most sexy dude, what can you do except laugh along?

Shelton has just responded by tweeting this video of him backstage at The Ellen Show “wallowing” and “celebrating” his victory.

The video shows Shelton taking a look at the “support” he’s received from his fans online. He proceeds to read out his favourite Twitter trolls roasting him and it’s so perfectly brutal.

Onya Blake.

Header via People Magazine

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