Bongo’s Bingo Is The World’s Craziest Games Night & It’s Returning To Sydney

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Bongo’s Bingo is what would happen if your grandma threw a rave, and we mean that entirely as a compliment.

On paper, a game of bingo, a comedy show, and a rave shouldn’t go together, but Bongo’s Bingo mixes them all like some kind of bizarre love potion. The result is a night of warm-hearted heckling, audience participation, and singalongs to nostalgic bangers.

Originally from the UK, Aussies have been blessed with a few sold-out game nights over the years, but now Bongo’s Bingo is making its long-awaited return to Sydney — and it’s here to stay!

The most insane bingo night you’ll ever go to is now taking place every month at The Big Top Sydney inside Luna Park. There’s no better place for this kind of mad-cap fun than our weird and wonderful amusement park.


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No game night would be complete without prizes, and the stuff here is as beautifully bizarre as the game itself. You could win anything from a pink unicorn to a mobility scooter. Life-sized cardboard cut-outs are up for grabs alongside boxes of Coco Pops, too.

Or you might even win a big cash prize or a wacky wavey. What’s a wacky wavey? No idea, but it’d be sweet to win one anyway.

During the night, you’ll be serenaded with a playlist crammed full of ‘80s and ‘90s power ballads, S Club bops, Guns ‘N’ Roses hits and Irish singalong classics. This is truly not the quaint bingo of the past. This is a monster, and it’s come to party.

Tickets to Bongo’s Bingo start at $42.95 and are available here. The next game is on Friday, November 8, so clear your schedule, ask your grandma for tips, and get ready for an inclusive, immersive, and vibrant night out.

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